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Finals Motivation from Teachers of the Past

Throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school, teachers changed, classrooms changed, classmates changed, but one thing did not: classroom decorations. Motivational posters upon motivatoinal posters scattered the walls of whatever class you walked into. You saw the same posters over and over again, causing you to question your teachers. “Is there a welcome to teaching poster pack? Do you really think this poster is beneficial to my attitude? Does me staring at Einstein’s face everyday enhance my learning?” But now, with college finals upon us, sometimes you might need that extra cheesy motivation. Here are some of the mosst cheesy, common, and kind of motivational classroom posters there are to help you through your finals week. 

1. Found in every classroom where a football coach taught. 

2. Don’t you dare give up!!

3. If at first you don’t suceed, try, try again?

4. These will prove very beneficial as you sit down to take your first final.

5. Ah, yes. The stars. What a great place to be. 

6. Preparation is major key.

7. Because you definitely have enough strength to dunk.

8. Give it your all, come on now. 

9. Trying was a big theme. I think you should try. 

10. Usually I tell people not to be extra…

11. Shout out to Thomas Edison for this poster and the light bulb.

12. Don’t just take the L.

I hope these bring enough motivation for you to keep pushing through, and I know all your old teachers are very proud of you. You can do it!!!


Her Campus TCU Staff!
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