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Finals…Finally! Summer is Here!

Flashback to High School Musical countdown: summer, summer, summer…

And the Her Campus Summer Survival Kit arrived just in time! In between study sessions, I managed to make time to take a relaxing break. What is the best way to relax? I love getting out in the gorgeous Texas sunshine with a good (non-assigned) book and a cold drink. Luckily Her Campus supplied both an amazing summer read and koozies to keep every beverage cool.

As soon as finals are done and summer officially begins, I will (hopefully) be making a trip to the beach. Every beach trip means sun, sand, and sweat. The new Secret cool waterlily deodorant, though, promises to combat summer sweat, and Simply Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths help restore a normal pH balance. Travel ing anywhere also means one of my least favorite activities: packing. I inevitably always over pack and end up shoving everything into a bag. I will not have to worry about a bulky toothbrush container taking up clothing space this summer because my Steripod clip-on toothbrush protector snaps right over the brush. 

The best way to end a day at the beach is a night out. Going out also means getting ready, sorting through the unnecessary amount of clothing I packed, fixing my hair, and putting on make-up. I have never been great at make-up and normally enlist a friend to help, but one thing I can do now is fix my eyebrows with Essence eyebrow fixing pencil. No matter where you end up this summer, I hope you all have a relaxing break. Good luck on the rest of your finals!

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Hello, My name is Paige Losack, and I am from Texas. I am in college at Texas Christian University, and I am majoring Political Science. I love working for Her Campus TCU as the Head Social Media Manager for our chapter! Wishing you well :)
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