Fall Bucket List

Finally! The air is crisp, the leaves are falling, and the walk down University is no longer unbearable in the blazing heat of summer. Autumn has come.

So now that fall is finally here, here is a list of fun-filled fall activities that will make this season your best fall yet!


Let’s start with everyone’s favorite...

Festive Fall Food!

1.      Bake some pumpkin bread


2.      Bake an apple pie


3.      Make some warm apple cider


4.      Pop some chewy, ginger-molasses cookies in the oven


5.      Run to the store and grab some Pillsbury pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls


Autumn Art!

1.      Make a fall leaf candle holder out of mason jars and leaves


2.      Frame pressed leaves


3.      Make leaf rubbings


4.      Make a leaf banner


Fun Fall Activities!

1.      Make some fall potpourri


2.      Visit a pumpkin patch


3.      Go camping with a group of friends


4.      Make some cocoa and have a Harry Potter marathon


5.      Hit up the mall for some outfits you will FALL in love with :) 


These tips will guarantee the most wonderful, cozy fall ever. So bundle up, throw on some Harry Potter, bake some cookies, and get ready for winter!



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