Details of Detoxing: How to Juice Cleanse

Spring break is sneaking up around the corner and the race to get a beach body is on. While a juice cleanse can definitely help you achieve your goals, more importantly, a juice cleanse has numerous health benefits. I know it can seem really intimidating and near impossible to drink juice as a meal for DAYS, but with the right preparation, you can succeed. Here is my juice detox guide for first-timers:


Sounds intuitive and simple, but it’s seriously necessary to drink as much water as you can. Try setting an alarm on your phone and drinking a bottle of water an hour to keep you on track! 

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When you deprive your body of food and force it to rely on solely juice, it will be a bit shocked at first and often you can feel rather tired and hungry in the beginning. Similar to when you are on a diet, your body struggles a bit as it adjusts to taking in fewer calories and carbs. With that said, a healthy cup of black coffee is just fine to add into your juice cleanse! But try and steer clear of any sugars or creamers (a little almond milk or coconut milk is a good alternative if you need something sweet). 


Going hours without a juice will throw your body into a state of hunger that a juice won’t be able to satiate, your body will want to binge or push you to stop your juice cleanse. Staying on schedule will help you to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients and energy throughout the day.


I did a juice cleanse from Nektar Juice Bar and I would make sure to have a bottle of their almond date drink to satiate any sweet cravings I had. This way I could fulfill my sweet tooth while staying on track. Pop&Bottle’s cacao almond milk is supposed to be amazing as well, I just have yet to try it. 

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Before you cleanse, make sure to calendar things out, have a clear goal set, get your family and friends to support you, and have lots of herbal tea and lemons (for hot lemon water) on hand. You’ve heard it before- “failing to prepare, is preparing to fail”. So, make sure you are ready for your juice cleanse in order to succeed! 

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Hopefully this short guide will help you to feel more confident about trying a juice cleanse. It’s an amazing way to detox your gut and get back on track with health and fitness goals you have. Dare to detox ladies, it’s worth the effort!