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A Day in the Life of a TCU Student As Told Through Yaks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a TCU student? I have, and I AM a TCU student. Through the help of anonymous students on Yik Yak, I feel as though I have gained a better grasp on what runs through the minds of the elite, what drives our students to excel and how the students at TCU are better than students anywhere else. Yes, Yik Yak has taught me a lot. It’s given me laughs, it’s given me questions, but most importantly, it’s given me a way to analyze the above average TCU students as they go about their lives. Here is a look at a day on the most amazing college campus there is.


8:30 AM: You walk out of your dorm, ready to conquer the day, but wait! Something is different. The fountain of knowledge isn’t flowing! This obviously means one thing . . . your 10 AM test should be cancelled!


9:20 AM: Unfortunately, that’s not how TCU works, and you begin making your way to class. On your morning commute, you take time to appreciate the surrounding nature and, of course, you notice all of the friendly (scary) TCU squirrels. But then you have a great idea:

Wouldn’t football games be so much more fun?


10:50 AM: So… your test didn’t go quite as planned. You consider focusing your efforts elsewhere, but then realize it is probably in your best interest to study a little harder next time.


12 PM: You decide to head over to the BLUU to grab a quick bite to eat, and you make sure to see Miss Cindy when you get there. She must have sensed you were bummed about your test because she shares some important insight with you.


12:30 PM: While at lunch, you become one of the luckiest people in the world. You receive an email from your professor stating that your 2 o’clock is cancelled. This means your professor now makes the ranking of your favorite people.


2:30 PM: You’ve been in your room studying, but at some point in time you doze off. You wake up after having one of the weirdest, but also most comforting, dreams.

You decide that this dream wasn’t a dream at all. It’s a fact.


4:00 PM: After your nap, you decide you are still too drained to do anymore studying or homework, so you decide to watch Netflix instead. But Netflix knows you have other responsibilities…  


5:30 PM: You finally realize that you need to kick your butt into gear and get your life together. You begin to study, but soon realize you still have a LOT to do. Why in the world did you allow yourself to sleep AND watch Netflix? Mental breakdown one of the evening ensues. But that’s okay. There will be more before the night is over.


7:00 PM: You need a break, so you decide to do some laundry. While you’re working on folding your laundry, you peruse social media and realize it’s a Thursday night and some people have their lives together enough to actually go out. After scrolling through Instagram you come to a conclusion:


8:30 PM: After finishing your laundry, you go back to studying. You look up from your computer and realize that it’s dark outside! Does that mean what you think it does? Nope. It’s only 8:30.


9:00 PM: 30 minutes later, you asses your remaining work load and decide it’s time for another nap. How else are you going to make it through the night?


10:30 PM: You’ve been studying for so long! Why does knowledge take so long to process?? If only everything could be learned in a much shorter period of time.


11:58 PM: You’ve finished studying for upcoming tests, but you realize you forgot about homework. You start to begin, but then a saving grace appears in your inbox: TCU Announce. You don’t typically waste time reading it, but sometimes even the littlest things are breaks.


1:30 AM: It’s 1:30 AM and you are still studying “I can’t do this anymore,” you think. You climb into bed and imagine going back to a much simpler time.


1:35 AM: As you’re drifting off to sleep, reflecting on your day, you realize that even though the day might have been rough, you realize you are lucky to be a student at Texas Christian University. You think about how one day it will all be worth it. Then you thank God you don’t live in Waco.


All photos taken from Yik Yak.

Hayden is a sophomore business major at Texas Christian University. She is a currently the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus TCU.