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Spring semester is in full swing and finals are almost here! By now, you’re probably trying to get your life in order before finals week hits and have started scouting out the perfect study spots. While TCU offers endless options when it comes to study spaces, sometimes you just need a change of scenery to re-inspire you and keep you focused on your work. By the time finals week rolls around, finding a free seat in the library will be difficult, and renting a room in Rees-Jones will be straight up impossible. Save yourself the stress of fighting for a study spot and venture off campus to one of Fort Worth’s many eclectic coffee shops! With a change of pace and laid-back atmosphere, visiting these three coffee shops will actually make you want to study, ensuring that you have a successful finals week!




Location: 1311 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth

Atmosphere: With its modern decor and garage-style doors that open on to a patio during warmer weather, Avoca has a casual, laid-back style that makes it a favorite among TCU students. Indie music playing quietly in the background provides the perfect background for focused studying and the natural light that shines through the windows gives it a spacious look. Compared with its neighbor Brewed, Avoca is lesser-known which gives it a more authentic feel. Looking for a man bun or a cute, quiet type scribbling song lyrics in the corner? You’ll find them both at Avoca.

Drink Sampled: Chai Tea Latte.




Location: 801 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth

Atmosphere: Half coffee shop, half restaurant, Brewed is the perfect option for all-day studying. This nook is full of adorable details, like mismatched tables and chairs, shabby-chic decor, and funky light fixtures. With awesome brunch and dinner menus, you’ll be able to reward yourself with a hearty meal after a long day of concentration. Avoid the crowds inside and head out the back door of the restaurant to the patio. The hand-painted vibrant wall, fire pit, and spacious tables with benches are the perfect backdrop for a day of studying.

Drink Sampled: Chai Tea Latte.


Buon Giorno


Location: 915 Florence Street, Fort Worth

Atmosphere: If the fad of hipster coffee shops isn’t your thing, venture off the beaten path and try setting up shop in one of the lesser-known cafes in Fort Worth. This cafe has a bit of an older crowd, which equals a nice change of scenery from the typical college crowd. Looking for a study spot with zero distractions? We guarantee you won’t run into anyone you know at this local shop. With its wide wooden tables and dark alcoves draped with red velvet curtains, Buon Giorno offers a sophisticated study experience that will motivate even the most resisting of students.

Drink Sampled: Hot Chocolate.


And of course, if you want to stay close to campus, there’s always Panera, Starbucks, McKinley’s Cafe, and Ole South that are great options for studying. Where is your favorite place to study? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a chance to have your artsy coffee shop photo featured.

We had tons of fun visiting these coffee shops! HCXO, Emily and Allison


Photo sources: Emily Meyer and Allison Davis 

Emily is a contributing writer for Her Campus TCU and a sophomore English/Political Science double major on the Pre-Law track. She is a northerner with a newly discovered obsession with sweet tea, large t-shirts, and anything southern. When she's not worrying about her future, Emily enjoys watching marathons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, discovering eclectic coffee shops that bring out her inner hipster, and contemplating the true meaning of the word "srat". Oh, and she has a fish named Christian. 
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