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COVID-19. The virus that shut down the world as we know it. COVID-19 completely changed everybody around the world’s lives completely and caused us to have to shut down almost every aspect of our everyday lives. One of the things that happened to be completely shut down was Broadway. During the pandemic, Broadway stood no chance as it was too many people in such a small space. However, now that the pandemic is being better controlled, Broadway is able to make the comeback that it has been patiently waiting for. I got the chance this past weekend to see and experience this new post-pandemic Broadway.

Before the show, I had no idea what to think considering the fact that there were no virtual or social distancing options in a theatre. In the majority of cases, these two options have been used to solve the issue of the transmission of COVID-19; however, the theatre had to wait a bit longer since these were not options. A few days before the show, you were required to download the NYC COVID-19 safety app. This app had three places where you would put photos of your photo ID, your vaccine card, or a negative test in order to get into the show and around the surrounding area. This was the only pre-requirement to get into the show.

When you actually arrived at the show before entering and showing your ticket, you were required to get in a line where they checked your photo ID and either the vaccine or the test. They then would stamp your hand and then you were free to enter the show once you show your tickets. When entering the theatre you were required to wear a mask relatively strictly; however, the majority of New York City is still like this, so it was not that different from the rest of the city.

For the actual show, Broadway is back and better than ever. We were seeing Hamilton which was just as amazing as it was before the pandemic, and everything about the show is the same as before. Broadway is back with some slight changes; however, abiding by these changes is totally worth it to see some of the best shows of your life.

Hi everyone! My name is Ellie Sanville and I am originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey. Currently I am a freshman nursing major at Texas Christian University and could not be anymore excited for this chapter in my life. Being from somewhere so close to NYC I love writing about fashion along with travel and all things TCU!!
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