Ballpark 301

It’s Thursday, which means another edition of Baseball 101! Please enjoy the next rankings of my baseball journey. 

Here are my rankings of all the ballparks I’ve visited so far:

#8 Coors Field

  • Location: Denver, CO
  • Home Team: Colorado Rockies
  • Built in: 1995
  • Capacity: 50,445
  • Date of Visit: May 2014
  • Reason for Visit: Last trip of the season

Coors Field gave us the views that’s for sure. The mountains in the back of the stadium can’t be beat as the sunset fell behind them. I fell in love with the view, but the ballpark not so much. It was modern and had moments of awe, but overall I thought it was unmemorable. Ranked by food, Coors Field once again came in as average. At #13, I can’t think of anything to note.

#7 Globe Life Park

  • Location: Arlington, TX
  • Home Team: Texas Rangers
  • Built in: 1994
  • Capacity: 49,115
  • Date of Visit: Started getting season tickets in 2010
  • Reason for Visit: Because go Rangers!

The home of the best team (well maybe not the best) has finally arrived on the list! Globe Life Park has a special place in my heart, full of memories and cheers. From an unbiased view, I would say the view of the park from the field is historic and captivating. The architecture is interesting and adds style to the dated park. The only thing I would change would be the boring and sometimes chaotic concourse around the park. I am excited, but saddened to see Globe Life go in 2020 to make room for the brand new ballpark.

Ranked by food, Globe Life makes a jump to #3. The abundance of food in the ballpark is shown at every corner.

#6 Oriole Park at Camden Yards

  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Home Team: Baltimore Orioles
  • Built in: 1992
  • Capacity: 45,971
  • Date of visit: August 2015
  • Reason for Visit: Surprise 18th birthday trip          

I had only heard good things about Camden Yards and when I got my surprise trip to Baltimore last year I was very excited to see it for myself. It definitely lived up to my expectations with its easy feel and open Eutaw street to the side. I loved walking around this stadium and checking out the amazing views from every angle. 

Ranked by food, Oriole Park cruises in at #6 bringing me my very first mac and cheese dog. It was even more delicious than it sounds.

#5 Fenway Park

  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Home Team: Boston Red Sox
  • Built in: 1912
  • Capacity: 37,949
  • Date of Visit: April 2014
  • Reason for Visit: Christmas present

Finally getting into the top 5, Fenway Park was everything I expected it to be. Historic and memorable. Starting the game out on Yawkey Way was a very unique experience and made Fenway just that much more special. The oldness of the ballpark was seen, but that did not stop it from being one of the prettiest stadiums I’ve seen. I highly recommend watching a Rangers win on top of the Green Monster. Ranked by food, Fenway comes in at #8 with the Monster dog. It definitely lived up to the Green Monster expectations.


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