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The Bachelor: Your Need-to-Know Guide to Season 21

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCU chapter.

Whipped cream, airplanes, and dolphins—Oh my! This season of The Bachelor is already shaping up to be its craziest yet. While having Nick Viall as the bachelor has caused uproar enough throughout Bachelor Nation (the show’s expansive fanbase,) viewers have already seen Nick and the ladies go through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

While Olivia was a formidable foe during Season 20, wild child, Corinne, may give the outspoken news anchor a run for her money. Although Corinne’s job title is a business owner, the 24-year old still has a nanny who is allegedly the only person who can make Corinne’s ‘cheese pasta’ the right way. Since Corinne arrived on the scene in the Bachelor mansion, she has stupefied viewers and her fellow contestants alike. On a group date, the other women watched in a variety of open jaws and furious glares as Corinne took her swimsuit top off in the pool during a bridal photo shoot with Nick. Corinne continued to raise eyebrows when she later seduced Nick into playing whipped cream games with her, and consequently missed the rose ceremony because she was napping.

Although you wouldn’t know from the internet’s constant jokes and questions of Corinne’s sanity, there is a variety of other women on the show who are smart, talented, and sometimes a little kooky. A few standouts include: Danielle M., a down to earth nurse from Nashville, Rachel, an attorney from Dallas who was the first woman of color to be given the First Impression rose, and Alexis W., who showed up in a dolphin (or was it a shark costume?) and hopes to one day train the aquatic creatures. Lastly, Season 21 wouldn’t be the same without one of the biggest scandals in Bachelor history. One contestant, Liz, had actually had past relations with Nick—which was unknown to the other contestants on the show. Let’s just say that things got a little heated when the news got out, and Nick curtly told Liz that he did not see the two of them having a future together.

Tune into ABC on Mondays at 7:00 to see what Bachelor craziness happens next. Will there be another bouncy house shenanigan? Ugh… doubtful. Will Corinne take more naps? Probably!

Caroline Pope is a freshman Fashion Merchandising major at TCU. She is from Nashville, loves going to the movies, tiny animals and trying new restaurants. Caroline is enjoying being a part of the International Justice Mission, Phi Mu sorority, Delight college ministries and is a member of the writing team for Her Campus TCU.
Hayden is a sophomore business major at Texas Christian University. She is a currently the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus TCU.