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After watching his Tiny Desk concert, I was hooked. You’ve gotta add Tye Tribbett’s imaginative, creative, and inspired gospel set to your playlist ASAP.

Apparently, the spiritual connection I felt with Tye Tribbett wasn’t unprecedented. My parents took me to his show when I was a toddler. I may not remember his tunes, but his voice rings in my eardrums and takes me to a safe, holy space.

We’ve all changed in the past 20 years, but few have evolved as gracefully as Tribbett. Listeners are sure to find the genius in his 2006 album Victory Live! with G.A. and in his latest release, All Things New.

‘Everything Will Be Alright’ (2006)

How does a song explore the relationship between good and evil? It parses through the complexity by displaying major and minor keys in perfect harmony. It chops issues up into bite-sized pieces in its cunning control of time. ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ will definitely leave you feeling encouraged.

Victory trio: ‘1-2 (Victory Check),’ ‘Victory,’ and ‘Victory (Outro)’ (2006)

A classic-sounding gospel set, the Victory trio is as hype as a high school pep squad. Spelling “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y” is just the beginning. Tribbett and G.A. bring the house down with tight horns and precise directing. The outro has a misplaced, wild guitar solo that shreds through the choirs angelic calls.

‘Get Up’ (2022)

Enter handclaps. Tribbett and his choir introduce a refrain chock full of joy. The bass almost trips over itself in chromaticism. Tribbett is flying, and he brings in his friendly horns accompanied by Clavs, and eventually, the rest of the band can’t help but join in. This heavenly funk only leads to more “good things, great things” that will have you dancing with gratitude. Oh, and the horns absolutely devastate with their time changes. Prepare yourself.

‘Great Is Our God’ (2022)

Rhythmic, syncopated, and complex. The choir cheers in a rush of praise to welcome the chorus of ‘Great Is Our God.’ Like the roaring ocean, the orchestra rises and falls with the tides of the verses. Licks of sweet vocals accompany the repetitive chorus in a grande ending. The beat falls into place like pieces in a puzzle reaching a calculated end.

Victory Live! on Spotify
All Things New on Spotify

Gospel is one of the most significant genres of music. It prepares so many popular artists for their careers in R&B, rap, pop, and rock. Give Tye Tribbett a listen, even if you just make time for his Tiny Desk show. You’ll appreciate his genius in your everyday listening.

Ella McClure Mercer is a journalism major at the Bob Schieffer College of Communication at TCU, where she reports for TCU 360. She wrote her first song on the piano when she was 10 and hasn't stopped playing since. Originally from Nashville, Ella spends her free time drinking coffee, eating at fun restaurants, and going to concerts. Instagram: @old.eller Twitter: @oldeller_