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5 Items You Need for Your Freshman Dorm (And 2 You Can Ditch)

Happy May! While this month marks the end of my freshman year, there is a whole group of new horned frogs ready to move in this fall! I remember reading countless articles and watching many YouTube videos about what to bring to my freshman dorm, and in all honesty, I still didn’t have the perfect packing list! As I reflect on my freshman year, I want to share what I wish I knew when I was packing to move into Colby Hall. Here are five things you should bring and two you can ditch when packing for freshman year:



1. Shower shoes

Especially if you live in a dorm with communal showers, invest in a good pair of these! I hate flip-flops, so I got some sandals from Amazon that do the trick.


2. Under-bed storage bins

For everything that you’re not using (like all the extra soap/clothes your mom made you pack), under-bed bins are essential! My bed is lofted, so I have two giant bins, but you can also get smaller ones that will do just as well depending on your room setup.


3. Mattress topper

No matter if you’re living in a single, double, suite, or apartment, you’ll want a mattress topper. I got mine from Amazon and it is honestly cozier than my bed at home! There are so many options to choose from, like memory foam and down.


4. Hanging bed organizer or shelf

If your bed is lofted, you need one of these. I have a hanging organizer for my bed, but a lot of people love this shelf too. This is the perfect place to put your phone, glasses, book, etc. when you’re too lazy to get up.


5. Comfy bathrobe

The final item that every freshman needs is a comfy bathrobe! Trust me, when you’re walking back and forth between the shower and your room, you want to be fully covered. I prefer fluffy robes, but many people like towel-material robes as well.

[bf_image id="q8ktu8-4sxb4-g6zx88"]


1. Four different blankets

I am currently staring at the three blankets at the edge of my bed, one of which I have ever taken off my bed for a purpose other than refolding it. Pick your favorite comfy blanket and just bring that one! No need for more.


2. Non-wall decor

There is simply no space for decorations that go on a shelf or desk unless you’re planning on hanging up DIY shelves. Invest in cute wall decor instead!


There you have it! I hope that this article eased your anxiety about what to pack for freshman year. In the end, if you forget something, you can always buy it at Target. Good luck and see you in August!

Kendall McCarthy is a double major in strategic communication & French and former founding President of Her Campus at TCU. Her friends describe her as enthusiastic, positive, and a friend to all-- so if you see her on campus, come say hi! You can usually find her at Ampersand or Common Grounds. Contact her at k.mccarthy11@tcu.edu.
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