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15 Thoughts You Have When You’re Alone on Valentine’s Day


1.     Why does Miley Cyrus have a boyfriend and I don’t?

2.     I wish I lived in a world where consuming ungodly amounts of sugar made you more attractive.

3.     I bet Taylor Swift never spends Valentine’s Day alone.

4.     Is it weird that I think Justin Bieber was hotter as a thirteen-year-old?

5.     I wonder if lowering my standards would help.


6.     Jk. If they were any lower, I’d be dating Mr. Bean.

7.     Am I too young to sign up for eHarmony?

8.     Maybe I should audition for The Bachelor.

9.     Wait, my mouth isn’t big enough.


10.  Does being socially awkward make me more or less attractive?

11.  Maybe I should try wearing more makeup.

12.  What’s the best movie to distract me from my pathetic loneliness?

13.  I need a better outlet for my anger.

14.  Wait a minute. I have friends.

15.  At least I don’t have to be lonely by myself.


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