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Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to do with yourself when you finally get some time to breath? Figuring out how to unwind when the rare opportunities for me time come around can be like solving a puzzle, and there are times when it seems impossible to decipher what your body and mind need to do to recuperate. Whether you’re craving rest, refreshment, or stimulation there are various ways to use your me time.

Treat Yo’ Self

Or as Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation love to say, “Treat yo’ self!” If you’ve been feeling confused about what to do with yourself, try changing it up and pampering yourself for once. Go ahead and buy yourself something off of your Amazon Wishlist, order some delivery food, or light some candles. There’s no shame in realizing that you’re an amazing person and you need to enjoy yourself every once in a while. Let your mind take a rest from overthinking everything and identify what YOU feel like doing in the moment.

Movie Marathon

Sometimes we just need to take care of ourselves– other people can be great but there’s no one who knows you quite as well as yourself. So use that insight and enjoy the fact that the only people present are just you and you only. A timeless way to enjoy being alone with someone (even when that person is yourself) is going out to dinner and a movie. You could order pickup from your favorite restaurant, curl up on your couch with the fluffiest blanket imaginable, and decide what you’re going to spend the night marathoning. 

Do Your Skincare Routine

Everyone knows you’re guaranteed to feel better when you spend time taking care of yourself. Whether you want to refresh and revitalize with a cold shower or unwind and destress with a hot bubble bath pampering yourself puts you into a calmer mindset. Without your mind being boggled by racing thoughts you’ll be able to think clearly about issues you’re struggling with and be clearer with yourself about what your short term (and long term) goals are. So make sure to use your favorite face cleanser and face mask to get your skill feeling flawless while you achieve that positive headspace. 

Go Outside

Anything from sitting on your porch for a moment to taking a mile long hike will expose you to fresh air, and fresh air is amazing for the soul. Take a deep breath while you’re outside and appreciate your environment. Experiencing the outdoors will help you exercise your body and mind. Spending some me time in nature can give you much needed personal insight if you ponder about the world and your place in it. Even smelling a pine scented or outdoorsy candle while you imagine the trees could do you some good if the weather isn’t keen on letting you outside. 

Take a Nap

Rest is essential and it seems we’re never getting enough of it. You’re not being lazy if you decide to nap in the middle of the day, you’re being clear about your needs. There’s only so much work you can get done before the burnout sets in. Rewarding yourself with closed eyes and somewhere soft to lay your head could be just what you need to recuperate. Napping is a classic way to spend me time because that overworked feeling is all too common. Try to drift off while listening to your best Spotify playlist and let your unconscious brain take on the task of organizing your thoughts into stimulating, creative dreams.


Senior at TCNJ, majoring in Journalism & Professional Writing.
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