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I have always been technologically challenged, so while it was no surprise last year when my laptop got a virus, I was completely at a loss. As much as I complain about my dinosaur of a computer, I use it a lot. I honestly can’t imagine what I would do without Microsoft Word, my email, and of course Facebook. My laptop is probably one of the most important recourses I have. Needless to say, I needed it fixed!

My friend told me about a place on campus where I could take my laptop and the people there would fix it. I was skeptical, but since I pretty much had no other options, I decided to take a chance and drop it off. My decision paid off, because after about 24 hours, my laptop was back in my hands miraculously virus free!

What is this magical place? Buried in the basement of Green Hall, it’s a service dedicated to helping students utilize the various technologies on campus. It’s called RES.net.

Well, I guess it’s not exactly magic. RES.net is made possible by Residential Computing Consultants (RCC’s), who are students who can help you with your technology problems. Some are computer science majors and some just like working with technology, but all of the RCC’s not only help needy students, like me, with annoying computers but also manage all computing laboratories in residence halls, providing computer skills and consultation for many computer-related problems.

The most common problems they see are viruses, so they are very experienced when it comes to virus removal. They also frequently get calls when the Internet isn’t working properly. If this is your problem, you can call RES.net at 609-771-3138 and they will come to see if the Internet is down or if there’s some other problem. If it isn’t working, they will send in a work order to networking to fix it.

RES.net also offers many other services, including: operating system installation, backing up data, virus removal, hard drive installation, transfer of data, and general troubleshooting. If you have any of these problems you can either call or just stop by their office, located in the basement of Green Hall. They are open Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Their services typically run between $15 and $30 and usually take about 24 to 48 hours.

So before you start freaking out about your technology troubles, remember RES.net is just a quick walk or phone call away!

For more information on RES.net, you can also visit their webpage!

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