Why Your Spring Break Doesn't Have to be Crazy to be Fun

There are a lot of expectations for college students. Get enough sleep, not have a mental break down, make money to pay off loans, somehow manage to do well in your classes...the list is infinite. Somewhere subliminally in those expectations is also have an amazing, adventure-filled spring break. Well, we all watched Spring Breakers, and the truth is, no one’s life is that exciting and dramatic.  

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy traveling, sightseeing and doing all kinds of fun things during my break, but I also know that’s not how it will always play out. Some people can’t do fancy spring breaks. Some people have to work the whole week, or they simply cannot afford the fancy vacation they rightfully deserve. Don’t feel guilty for not traveling or having a wild spring break. It’s okay to relax and take time for yourself.

This is how my spring break is gonna go. I’m going home and giving my dog the biggest hug because I miss my best friend. Sometime during the week, I’m probably going to McDonald’s because I miss my comfort food and I miss the fact that it’s so close to home. I might do some spring cleaning if I’m feeling up to it, especially since I know I left my room a mess when I came back to school. Most importantly though, Netflix will be there to fulfill all the adventures I will be missing out on. I mean, season 3 of Queer Eye comes out tomorrow!

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I’ll also be catching up on sleep because, you know, I like the whole idea of occasionally waking up early to watch the sunrise, but I haven’t slept in about three weeks and I’ve seen too many sunrises. I want my sleep back.

Spring break is meant to be a time where you step back and take a moment for yourself since you’ve probably been going nonstop since classes started again. If traveling and wild adventures are your way of doing so, that’s great. But, if catching up on sleep and watching endless television is your version of spring break, that’s okay too.

For me, spring break is more of a moment to step back and reflect on what’s been going on. Maybe it’s because I’m a freshman, or maybe it’s just because this is how I always am, but I know my time will come to do something crazy or have a spring break filled with traveling and constant partying. I just don’t think it has to be right now.