Why You Should Watch Grounded for Life

If you’re anything like me, you like finding television shows that allow you to just be mindless.


Thirty-minute sitcoms that allow your short attention span to flourish and give you entertainment without having to watch each minute in detail are in my opinion the best shows. This semester, I have rediscovered Grounded for Life, a sitcom that used to play on Fox and The WB for five seasons from 2001-2005. It follows the couple Sean and Claudia Finnerty, Sean’s clueless and crazy brother Eddie, and their three children, Lily, Jimmy and Henry, while they live in Staten Island and deal with the wacky and comical trials and tribulations of life.


Here’s three reasons why you should start watching now:


1. Lily

The stereotypical teenage daughter, Lily gets herself into all kinds of trouble throughout the series, from drinking underage to performing a risqué Burlesque number at her Catholic high school’s talent show. She’s witty and dramatic and gives Sean and Claudia a run for their money every time while offering much of the comedic relief to the show.

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2. Sean & Claudia’s relationship

Besides dealing with their three rambunctious children and almost always drowning in work shifts trying to pay their bills, Sean and Claudia are definitely #couplegoals. Despite the rough beginnings of their relationship (Sean got Claudia pregnant in high school) they have a great love for each other that overcomes all their obstacles.


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3. Eddie

Eddie is the definition of oddball. The less impressive Finnerty brother with no real success in life, he is always trying to con Sean and Claudia into giving them money or getting involved in a pyramid scheme. But, throughout the series you can see that he has a real love for his family, even though he has a very twisted way of showing it.


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So, if you have Amazon Prime, definitely check out Grounded for Life. You’ll be laughing the whole time, and you won’t even have to keep your eye on it for the full twenty-two minutes.