Why You Should Love Your Curly Hair

Since the dawn of time, women from all over the world have been worshipped for the gorgeous corkscrew-styled hair that they possessed. And yet, in this day and age, girls are raised to believe that women who have straight hair are inevitably prettier. Pop culture and beauty magazines further reinforce this belief by continually projecting straight-haired women to be the ideal. And in an attempt to look like that “perfect woman,” many girls try to straighten their curly locks. The curse of the flatiron was no stranger to my hair, and the pressure to fit in came along neatly packaged with it. I was one of those girls, and sometimes those thoughts still creep into my head- but that doesn’t stop me for accepting- or at least trying to accept my curly locks.

People always tell me, “You look amazing when your hair is blown out,” or “Wow, you should straighten your hair more often.” But the problem is- no one ever says how incredible it is when it’s in its natural state. The backhanded compliments need to stop, and we need to be accepting of other people’s differences and see what truly makes them beautiful. However accepting 2019 may be, we will always be judgemental of people who don’t talk like us, look like us, act like us, and that needs to change. Whether it’s your heritage, your ethnicity, or simply a look you’re experimenting with or were born with, it all makes you you. It makes you the beautiful and unique person you are. And you shouldn’t have that hide that! 

Girls should not be afraid to be confident in their own skin, with their own hair. They should wear it like a crown of gold. So if you are a curly-haired queen, go flaunt it!

We shouldn’t be so concerned about what everyone else has or does, but we can only control what we have, and more importantly how we act. As women, we should be supporting each other no matter how big or trivial matters are. 

Your hair is who you are. It’s a part of your identity, however you choose to wear it. 

Be happy that you have something special.

Be proud that you wear the hair of a goddess.

Be confident in your amazing hair, it’s something different, and something worth celebrating. 

Let your curls bounce when you walk around, and let go off all of the negativity that straightens them out.