Why We Love Springtime At TCNJ

Springtime is approaching quickly, and I know most of us can’t wait for the warm weather, the sun, and the beautiful flowers beginning to bloom. The winter months are always too cold, and they make it so much harder to get out of bed in the morning. I think we’re all aware of the fact that there’s nothing greater than that first gorgeous day of the season (which we’ve already had this year – 78 degrees in February, WHAT?) so here are just a few reasons why we love springtime at TCNJ.

1.Having classes outside

If you're lucky and have a nice professor, we might even get the chance to spend class time enjoying the beauty that spring has to offer. Sure, it might make it harder to focus, but let’s face it, you were thinking about how you were going to spend the nice day anyway.

2. Taking pretty pictures

There are so many spots on campus that make for an awesome picture, especially as the weather gets nicer. Whether you’re looking for a picture by the lake, the football field, or Alumni Grove, you’re bound to get a better picture when leaves are on the trees and you can actually see the ground.

3. Enjoying a happier morale

It’s no secret that people are in a better mood when it’s nice outside, so it’s always good to look forward to feeling a little bit brighter, especially in the midst of a stressful week. Taking a nice walk or even going on a jog after a long day is the perfect way to relieve stress and take advantage of all that nature has to offer at the same time.

4. Anticipating summer

As soon as the short sleeves and shorts come out, you know that we’re that much closer to reaching summer, and while I love TCNJ as much as the next person, there’s nothing I love more than spending a day on the beach with a good book in hand, just basking in the sun.

I can tell you without a doubt that we’re definitely ready for another spring here at TCNJ. 


Photo Credits: Caitlyn McNair