Why Prettymuch is Pretty Much Amazing

After One Direction split up a few years ago, I was heartbroken. The five boys whose concerts I went to, sang my heart out to, and sometimes even cried over, were not together anymore. I had no idea how to fill this hole in my heart, until I randomly came across a new boy band: Prettymuch.

Prettymuch is a boy band of five boys from America and Canada, made up of Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu, and they have livened up my days. It was the Youtube algorithm that led me to a Prettymuch music video, and after one look, I was done. These five dudes had the skill and talent that I loved so much in One Direction, with one more thing: these dudes can dance. I am in no way comparing them to One Direction though; I have spent way too much money on them to ever have anyone else come on top. But Prettymuch is a super close second. 

I am writing this as a “fangirl,” so my opinions are very, extremely biased. But still, they are great. Brought together by Simon Cowell (I know, right?) a few years ago, they have been on tour and releasing singles and EPs for the past 3 years. They started to produce their own music, and join forces to write their own music. It’s impressive, really. These boys are so talented, and their music is crazy. After introducing them to my friends and my sister, we all decided to go to their concert this summer. Best decision ever. We were surrounded by many 14 year olds and their parents, but that didn’t matter. They were incredible live. Although it was a fairly short concert, being able to see them perform on stage was a great feeling. And boy, can they dance. They aren’t bad to look at, either.


So for me, I can definitely say that I’m a fan. I’ve been listening to their music this entire summer, and it slaps. If you want to give them a listen to, which I highly recommend you do, here is MY list of their top 5 songs.

  1. Jello

  2. Teacher

  3. Phases

  4. Would You Mind

  5. Lying (feat. Lil Tjay)