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There is this great stigma from the time we are in Preschool that we must need a Valentine for Valentine’s Day, otherwise it isn’t even worth it to celebrate. We see it in movies, read it in books, and experience it in our school years. I am asked quite frequently what my favorite holiday is and I always respond, “Valentine’s Day.” People are shocked to find out that a single woman could still say this… but I have many other things to love in my life other than a significant other. Don’t feel bad you don’t have a valentine this year… here are a few reasons why:

  1. Money will be kept in your wallet.

Even though I am fully on the side where Valentine’s Day is for the girls, I still have always bought my past partners’ gifts. Without a Valentine, you do not need to spend a single dime. The only money that will be leaving your pockets is when you want to spend it on yourself. As Miley Cyrus once said, “I can buy myself flowers, I can hold my own hand.”

  1. No expectations = no letdowns. 

There is nothing worse than having to fake a smile opening an absurd gift. Some may say “Just be thankful you got something.” How can you be grateful for something you don’t like? Your partner is supposed to know you. You could shove what you want in their face 45 times a day and it still won’t be correct. Once Valentine’s Day comes around, it’s like all their knowledge drains out of their brain (it probably wasn’t there in the first place). 

  1. Taking pictures with the girls is better anyway. 

You’ll never get a good picture with a man, that’s for sure. You prep, train, and drill it into their head for this moment. The picture is taken, and of course, you look stunning. On the other hand, your partner’s eyes are closed, they’re not smiling, their shirt is sideways… you name it. The perfect solution is to remove them from the equation. 

  1. Is this holiday really for the girls?

Almost all girls dream of the perfect Valentine’s Day, but why? You should be feeling this loved and appreciated all the time. Partners will use Valentine’s Day as a way to compensate for their other actions (or lack thereof) that they’d been doing the months before. Don’t give them just one day to show you they love you. If they don’t make you happy all year round, then Valentine’s Day won’t be any different. 

  1. There are so many other things to celebrate through love.

Celebrate people who will also celebrate you. Love your family, love your friends, and most importantly, love yourself. Self-love is the most significant form of love. Focus on reconnecting with yourself and falling in love with all your flaws this Valentine’s Day. Hug your family, give your friend a flower, and smile at yourself in the mirror because we didn’t get disappointed this February 14th, and that itself is something to celebrate.

This is not to say that all Valentine’s Days are disastrous, but from my personal experience, they all have been. Furthermore, if you have never had a Valentine, do not ever feel sorry for yourself. It is not all it’s cracked up to be. Spending it by yourself, with friends, or with family will make you feel way more loved.

Hi everyone! I am Lucia, I am a Sophomore Communications major and the Treasurer of Her Campus!