Who I’m Hoping To See On Carpool Karaoke

We all know James Corden, the talk show host of “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” has a segment called “Carpool Karaoke,” a segment in which he carpools with famous singers to his job on The Late Late Show. The singers sing their famous hits along with James, and in between jamming out to songs, James asks them amusing questions about their career and personal lives. James has had many famous guests on “Carpool Karaoke,” such as, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Adele, Jennifer Lopez, and Carrie Underwood, just to name a few.

So...who should be on the next episode of “Carpool Karaoke?” (after Lady Gaga, who was just confirmed as the next guest!!!

Now that I broke that happy news, I should discuss who I think the next talented guest should be...Taylor Swift!

She is the perfect candidate for “Carpool Karaoke” because James Corden would grill her on every song that would even remotely resemble one of her real life relationships. Those questions we have all secretly (or not so secretly) had about her romantic relationships, “What really happened with Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Calvin Harris (and the list goes on)?”

Taylor might open up about her girl squad. It would be fun to hear stories from their times hanging out or what they do on their down time. You know, the times when they are not performing in sold out stadiums or walking down the runway.

I think Taylor Swift is an empowered woman and can give the millions of women who watch “Carpool Karaoke” inspiring advice. She has survived her teens and twenties in the public eye, she has had every move scrutinized by the media, and yet, she is still a strong and a levelheaded person. Many of her songs focus on learning how to love yourself and your flaws, such as, “Clean” and “Shake It Off” off of her 1989 album and “Mean” off of her “Speak Now” album. Taylor is clearly a solid role model for women of all ages, and I think that would be displayed even more if she were to appear on “Carpool Karaoke.”

Oh yeah, and we would get the simple pleasure of watching Taylor Swift sing her beautifully written AND world famous songs.