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The Vagina Monologues Empowers TCNJ

Recently at The College of New Jersey, Women in Learning and Leadership put on a play called, The Vagina Monologues. Originally created by playwright, Eve Ensler, this collaboration of dialogue from 200 different women serves to address the many aspects of womanhood, and brings forth attention to violence against women. The monologues from these exceptional women were displayed to create a discussion addressing relationships and sex, ultimately celebrating the power of vaginas.

According to Jennie Sekanics, the executive chair of WILL, “The production essentially seeks to raise awareness about experiences that women face while collecting funds to help support women on the local and global scale.” She continued to explain the reasoning behind The Vagina Monologues coming to campus, “TCNJ wanted to start a larger conversation about violence against women and aide efforts in their mission to raise awareness about sexual violence and support the vital services they offer to women.”

The money raised through ticket sales went to two different organizations, WOMANSPACE in Mercer County and ProNica, both containing missions to aide women in need. Sekanics mentioned that both of these associations offer numerous services to women such as educating and empowering them, as well as providing those with children essentials such as food, shelter, and healthcare. TCNJ W.I.L.L. members put in a huge amount of effort to create this production, which is only a small part of the V-Day Movement. They all united for a common goal, to end violence against women.  

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