Underrated Female YouTubers

1. Nina Yu (oh no nina

Nina Yu is the embodiment of everything pure and soft in this world. She works so unbelievably hard to get where she needs to be. Nina radiates an air of positivity and goofiness with the right amount of driven and focused. Her series "not really studying with nina" was what actually drove me to get my act together and study to get to college. Nina’s channel boasts a variety of series like vlogs on college and others on just life, art with nina, fashion videos, and beauty videos.


2. Lindsey Rempalski (lindseyrem

UNIF and Beach House loving Lindsey Rempalski, LindseyRem for short, is the nicest cool girl you will ever meet. Now a college graduate, she is producing content and working for major fashion and cosmetic brands like Playboy and Too Faced. Rempalski’s beauty and fashion taste is totally reflective of her mantra to staying true to herself – she wears what she wants. Her fashion style is often accented with her beloved Doc Martens and pieces from brands like Reformation. She also has “chai chats” where she talks about basically anything, from mental health to relationships. 


3. Diana Chamomile (dianachamomile

Diana Chamomile is a New York/New Jersey-based YouTuber who attended fashion school in New York City. Now out of school, she runs her channel full time and uploads weekly, sharing her new finds. Diana’s style has evolved over the last few years into a very colorful, vintage aesthetic. She is always on the hunt for the most adorable clothing and home décor pieces that she can find. I love the fact that she is in our area, giving me insight into pieces that I could potentially find and places I can visit. 


4. Elena Taber (Elena Taber)

If you’re in search of a dreamy, beachy, 70’s vibe travel channel, then look no further. From the beautiful San Diego, California comes newly based New York resident, Elena is a lifestyle and beauty YouTuber whose travel vlogs will make you want to start packing your bags and planning your next vacation. Her passion for learning about the local cultures in the countries she visits is always present in her videos – and she always emphasizes the need to be respectful and understanding of the environment around her! 


5. Annabelle Gao (catcreature

Annabelle Gao (or catcreature, as she’s better known on Youtube), has been making videos about art and fashion for nearly seven years now, and yes, she has a handful of adorable cats who make regular cameos on her channel. Annabelle studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design and she regularly posts deeply personal vlogs about school and life in general. She’s incredibly talented, but not afraid to show her moments of insecurity. With her quirky style and soothing voice, she’s someone you’ll instantly want to be friends with.