Ultimate Trader Joes Shopping List

Some of us know the struggle when it comes to food shopping for ourselves. Aside from the usuals like milk, eggs, and cereal, it can be hard to remember everything you’ll need for the week. Lucky for you, here’s your guide for some things you should try out at Trader Joe’s, the most underrated food store.

1. 3 Seed Sweet Potato Crackers

This is the most addicting snack I have ever eaten. If I don’t sit down and portion it all out, I could eat an entire bag in one sitting. They have just enough salt to to satisfy a craving, and they’re healthier than potato chips. So, eating the entire box might not be all that terrible. Plus, they’re gluten free!


2. Gnocchi alla Sorrentina

Although these aren’t as good as my mom’s homemade gnocchi, they come pretty close. All you have to do is throw these in a pan on the stove, add a little bit of water, and stir until everything comes together - it’s that simple! This is perfect in between classes when you want something a little more sustainable than a sandwich, or you can make it for dinner and fool your friends into thinking you’re an actual cook.


3. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

This is one of Trader Joe’s most talked about products and let me just say, the hype is real. Sprinkle some of this on avocado toast or even just toast with cream cheese and you’re in for a tasty breakfast that will satisfy your need for a bagel every morning. For anyone trying to watch their carb intake, this is a perfect alternative.


4. Giant Peruvian Inca Corn

This is one of Trader Joe’s most underrated products. The name pretty much gives it away - it’s just giant pieces of corn but they’re crunchy and taste exactly like Fritos. These are a perfect snack because they keep you full longer, and they’re just so tasty!


5. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

The ratio of chocolate to peanut butter in these is spot-on. Whenever my late night sweet tooth kicks in, these are my go-to solution. After eating a few of these (if you have that kind of self control), you might just ditch Reese’s and have a new favorite chocolate peanut butter snack!


6. Mini Chicken Tacos

For anyone who loves tacos (who doesn’t?), but hates how they fall apart so easily, these are the perfect middle ground. They’re small, so you can eat more at a time, and they don’t fall apart on you. They’re perfect as late night snacks or as an appetizer, and my personal favorite, they’re perfect while watching sports.