"Trump Is Not My President" - Stop The Protests

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Her Campus TCNJ.

First things first, he may not be your president just yet, but he is your President-elect and he will officially be your president in about two months. No amount of protesting will change that.

Taking to the streets and becoming violent as a means of expressing your dissatisfaction with the Republican party will do no good in changing the person who will soon have his name placard on a desk in the Oval Office. Attacking police officers, committing acts of vandalism, and calling for people to “fight back” serves no purpose other than to show how unaccepting you are of the United States electoral system that was put into place in 1787. Yes, that was 229 years ago. Learn to accept it and become knowledgeable of its purpose in politics.

Smashing windshields and spray painting “capitalism kills” or “he is not my president” on convenience store buildings will not magically reverse the results and allow your candidate of choice to assume power. Nothing will change the results. He won. Learn to deal with it. Standing outside of his Fifth Avenue building with angry slogans and demeaning banners is not allowing a peaceful and orderly transition of power, as called for by our current President. Calling him racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynist, or any other name, will not get you anywhere.

Don’t waste your time bringing up words that were spewed 11 years ago. Everyone has some kind of dirt on them - I’m sure you do too. Stop wasting your time looking for ways to criminalize and demoralize someone who you haven’t even given the slightest of chances to. He could end up changing your life for the better. He could mend the terrible economy, generate millions of jobs, and shield us from radical terrorists, just to name a few. Learn to accept the next four years and realize that no amount of protesting will change a damn thing. So yes, despite how much you deny it, Donald J. Trump WILL be your president.