Top Five Drugstore Mascaras

Ever since I started wearing makeup in the seventh grade, I realized how expensive it actually was. While it’s nice to treat ourselves with a high-end pallet or our favorite concealer, realistically, buying only high-end products starts to add up. Especially when it’s a product like mascara. Personally, if I had to pick only one makeup item to wear, it’d be mascara. It makes you look awake and put together, when in reality you got less than four hours of sleep. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of some of the best drugstore mascaras out there. So now you can use as much mascara to make your eyes actually look awake without worrying about going into debt!


1. Clump Crusher (Covergirl, $8.49)

My all-time, go-to, favorite. Gives great volume and length without clumping. I have been using it for years and it has never let me down.

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2. The Rocket (Maybelline, $5.29)

A close second to Clump Crusher. I really like the brush on this one, and it also prevent clumping well. I’d say it gives better volume than length.

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3. Monsieur Big (Lancome, $25)

Okay so technically Lancome isn’t very drugstore, but the price is very reasonable. I’ve gotten the most compliments about my eyelashes when wearing this mascara. It gives the best length and volume, by far. My only complaint is that it’s a little clumpy. My go-to routine has been using this after Clump Crusher to add extra volume.

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4. Lashblast Volume (Covergirl, $9.49)

This is one of the first mascaras I used. While it gives great volume, I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite because it’s not the best with length (which is what I prefer). Overall, it’s a great stable but not my go-to.

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5. Great Lash (Maybelline, $4.79)

Super old, but a classic. This is one of the cheapest options but has the quality of a high-end mascara. My mom actually showed me this mascara when I was first getting into makeup and I’ve really liked it ever since.

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