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Netflix has become more and more popular, especially among college students who use it as their safe haven from assignments, a way to procrastinate, and a way to relax. Netflix is also a great conversation starter, especially when you run out of topics to talk about and it gives you the chance to increase your list of shows to watch. Here are some top binge worthy shows you should add to your to-watch list:

1. House of Cards: This political drama sheds light on the corruption, greed and competition that fuels the system. It is thrilling, power hungry and a must see show.

2. Parenthood: Here is a show centered on a large family that showcases the struggles, uplifting moments and memories that makeup a family. It is a heart wrenching, tear jerking and addicting show.

3. Prison Break: Every move in this clever show means something larger. It is guaranteed to keep you at the edge of your seat.

4. Jane the Virgin: It’s all about romance and drama with major plot twists you never expected.

5. Fuller House: if you were a fan of Full House then you have to watch this! Though it focuses on the new generation it’s quick and exciting and only two seasons long. You can binge-watch this in no time!

6. Friends: A classic show you can pick up from anywhere and everywhere that focuses on a large group of friends through their relationships and everyday life. It’s a timeless comedy that can always put a smile on your face.

7. The Office: A comedy that revolves around the day-to-day experiences of employees at a paper company. For such a light hearted and enjoyable show, you can pick this up anytime from anywhere.

8. Gilmore Girls: Here is a mother-daughter relationship like no other. With comedic scenes, relationship drama, and unforgettable moments, you wish you lived in Stars Hollow.

A current elementary education student at TCNJ. I have a passion for teaching, I love to write, watch TV, I'm a foodie and love anything related to fashion/beauty!
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