As yet another year at the CONJ has come and gone, we can only say that this past year has definitely seen some exciting people. From Homecoming disputes, to the Hazmat Team, to campus-wide construction, we can all say that varying, but exhilarating events have occurred on our small campus during the 2013-2014 school year. These campus celebrities embody the talk of campus that we have all heard this past year. So in ascending order, take this chance to look back at the people who have kept this campus talking all year.

5. Chris Christie

Although the governor only works everyday just a hop, skip, and a jump from campus in Ewing, he came for the Groundbreaking ceremony of Campus Town. Students crowded around the future Campus Town area for glimpses of the governor. However, only a few student government students were able to meet Christie. The rest of the crowd of students was able to listen to the governor’s speech and optimism for the project. 


4. Campus construction workers

So in all your months on TCNJ’s lovely campus this year, there may be a chance that you’ve seen a construction worker (or 20) around. Whether it was the demolition of Holman Hall, the intricate re-piping in front of Cromwell and the Towers, or just your average missing sidewalk, you are sure to have at least seen or heard these workers bringing about lovely renovations to the campus. 


3. Undercover cops at Homecoming

Students were up in arms this year about the changes done to the Homecoming game tailgate. Because of all the new rules and separated areas, undercover cops were circling students at the tailgate. These clever cops had quite the interactions with students as they targeted underage students having fun. It’s not surprising to know someone or to have heard of someone who had some experience with an undercover cop from Homecoming. 


2. The student who ran through campus exposed to Benzyl Bromide

The Twitter account, @TCNJPROBLEMS, nearly exploded with tweets when the student ran through the Library and Eickhoff from the Science Complex after being exposed to dangerous chemicals. Students in the Library and Eickhoff Hall were on lockdown, while students were evacuated from the Science Complex. While Hazmat teams worked to clear the possible areas of contamination, students took to Twitter and other social media outlets to complain and document the situation. 


1. Dave Muha

And the number one TCNJ celebrity of the year is David Muha. You’ve definitely heard this name around campus before. How could you not have? After what seemed like a record-breaking number of snow days this past winter, students have grown accustomed to receiving cancellation emails from none other than David Muha. Whether you’ve seen the Twitter account created in honor of him cancelling classes, the freshman class’s T-shirts, or seen him in person as a judge for TCNJ’s Got Talent, you’ve definitely come to love hearing his name. 


Photos courtesy of @TCNJPROBLEMS, TCNJ Class of 2017(Robert Kinloch), TCNJ Magazine, and Brian Garsh.