The Top 3 YouTube Stars to Watch to Get in Shape

Do you want to get fit? Don't have time to squeeze in the gym or fitness classes? Don't feel like paying for a gym membership?

Watching YouTube videos is a great way to work out free and conveniently.  All you need is your computer and some space to workout. Check out these great YouTuber channels for a workout that you’ll easily be able to fit into your schedule.

Casey Ho/Blogilates is a great YouTuber to watch. Her videos target many areas of your body and she provides a free monthly calendar designed to get your body in shape.

Yoga with Adriene has a thirty-day Yoga challenge, as well as other great Yoga videos. This is perfect if you’re looking to relax, stretch and get a great workout.

Tone it Up is a channel created by hugely successful best friends, Karena and Katrina. They have excellent videos to tone your body up.