Tips on Wearing Makeup in the Heat

Everyone’s been in that situation, walking the uncomfortable line between looking flawless, but being sweaty and fearful that your makeup is slowly melting off your face. While Summer may have ended, the beginning of Fall has not been merciful. To combat the unbearable weather, here are five tips to perfect the art of wearing makeup on a hot day.

1. Make sure to evaluate your needs.

What kind of look are you going for? Full coverage styles with heavy foundation and excessive eye makeup may be fun for parties or special events, but would be risky to wear on an average day. If this is the style of makeup you enjoy, it may be beneficial to try out something less intense for casual wear. In this case, a look with a more natural base and focus on accentuating your best features might work better. This means sticking with primers that have high SPF instead of foundation or tinted lip balm instead of lipstick.

2. Try not to build up excess product.

It can be tempting to use extra foundation to cover up some blemishes that make us self-conscious. But, what’s worse: a miniscule pimple that only you can see being slightly more noticeable, or heaps of makeup sliding off your face in the heat of the day? When in doubt, sparingly use your makeup products to avoid build up that will inevitably clog your pores and ruin your day. Great alternatives to heavy foundations include tinted moisturizers or pigmented BB creams. These products will also feel light on your face, allowing your skin to breathe, which will help improve your makeup experience if your skin gets extra oily in the heat.

3. Choose products that are designed to endure the heat.

It may sound like a surprise, but waterproof makeup IS sweat-proof makeup! Most people think of waterproof makeup as something to be used when you’re plunging into the pool or expecting an incredibly rainy day. But, it turns out that waterproof products can be used to stop your makeup from smudging throughout the day since it protects against all liquid, regardless of that fact that the liquid is sweat. Some of the most common products that are available in waterproof varieties are mascara, eyeliner, and concealer. 

4. Be prepared to blot the sweat away.

If at all possible, carry blotting paper around with you. Many packages come in miniature or travel sized containers. These are easily slipped into a purse, backpage, or even a pocket. These useful little papers are intended to absorb oils, such as the ones your skin will produce in a hot environment. So, it’s undeniable that these products can be lifesavers. Simply blot gently against the skin to make sweat disappear, leaving behind your original makeup. 

5. Invest in a setting powder or spray.

While these products are somewhat taboo to the novice makeup user, (After all, why am I paying for a clear product?) these products can make or break your look. While these two products essentially achieve the same goal, they do so in fairly different ways. Setting spray is intended to be applied all over your face, to make sure all of your makeup stays in place, however it doesn’t offer the matte finish that setting powder does. Yet, setting powder is only to be used on large portions of your face, such as the cheeks or forehead rather than the eyes and lips. Both products have pros and cons, but either way, a quality setting spray or setting powder will ensure that your makeup doesn’t smear or smudge throughout the day.