Tips for Cuffing Season

Tis’ the season to be jolly! But are you feeling the exact opposite due to what you’ve been seeing around? Suddenly, you see couples all around campus holding hands or making out. The weather is getting colder and the idea of snuggling with someone while binge-watching a Netflix series sounds good. But getting there isn’t as simple as the perfect image in your head. This dark road has you considering Tinder and/or Bumble as a good idea. Where did this emotion come from? The answer to this new emotion you’re suddenly feeling can be explained in two words: cuffing season!

As the weather gets cold, day turns to night earlier, and the holidays are approaching there are several reasons that cuffing season has us all wanting someone to hold. Here are some important tips to remember during cuffing season.

1. Warning Danger Ahead: Tumble and Bumble Guys

Here we are, the place you’d never thought you would be: downloading dating apps. Then, stressing over your bio. But, the most stressful part is matching with a guy you like then waiting for them to message you back after sending a cute/flirty text. The wait of thirty minutes feels like five hours due to how anxious your feeling and for what? A simple two-word message or maybe it will just be one character — something like a question mark because he doesn’t get your joke. If he doesn’t have time to answer your messages and keep up a conversation now he’s definitely not going to have time or interest to answer your texts. Chances are the right person for you isn’t on these dating apps. And if you have started a successful relationship through a Tinder/Bumble, props to you — you’re lucky!

2. Don't crush too hard.

Let’s be serious here. Hate to break it to you, but that cute guy you think is staring at you probably doesn’t know your name. It could be worse — like persuing a guy only to realize he has a girlfriend. At least he was honest and you tried instead a pining over him in the corner for months. Crushes are fun to have, but don’t become too obsessed with them and make them your sole focus of attention, or plan out your future together. Open your eyes and see the other options available to you.

3. Don’t settle for less

Remember what you’re looking for and stick to it! If you decide to change, don't do it because the other person wants you to. Do it because you want to! Remember your goal for this season and don’t just settle for the easiest and nearest relationship available to you. You might have to work it a little, but it’s worth it because you’re worth it. Don’t waste your time.

4. Single? Taken? Or Too busy enjoying life?

Just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship. Although it’s cuffing season, it is also the holiday season! Time to eat up and be grateful for all the good things and great people already in your life. The weather will get warm and plans for the beach, bonfires, and binge-watching a series with your best friends is in the works. Sorry to burst your bubble, but cuffing season is only going to bring colder weather. So if you want to keep warm, buy a blanket and throw a movie night with your best friends, family, or pets.