Tips and Tricks for Your Summer Thrift

We all love a good deal. Taking a few trips to a good old thrift store before the summer starts is the perfect way to find trendy clothes if you’re on a budget. Emily Backes and Megan Ramos of Rockaway, NJ have mastered the art of thrifting. Here are just a few tips and tricks they use in order to find the perfect pieces while thrifting for the summer season.

1. Go more than once

You might not find everything your first time around, so it’s important to keep an open mind and make frequent visits. “Sometimes I find a whole bunch of cute clothes and sometimes I find nothing, but it really depends on the day,” says Ramos. The best part about thrifting is that you’ll most likely never find the same piece twice, so why not go often?

IMG Source: Megan Ramos 

2. Look for a hat while you’re at it!

Hats are a cute way to switch up your everyday look this summer. “My favorite piece of clothing that I have ever gotten at a thrift store was actually a bucket hat I found,” says Backes, “I feel like it’s something that’s still on trend, and it comes out great in pictures.”

IMG Source: Emily Backes

3. Don’t be afraid of the men’s section!

The men’s section at most thrift stores often have more options than you would think. Backes says that she has found multiple pairs of name brand pants and jeans while thrifting, and although some required alterations, she can’t stop wearing them.

IMG Source: Emily Backes

4. Fun throwback sunglasses are a must

Small framed sunglasses have made a comeback recently, and instead of paying for an expensive pair at the mall, try a thrift store first. “I love these sunglasses I found with my friend Marisa, the remind me of the 90s and I think they can really enhance anything you wear,” says Backes

IMG Source: Emily Backes

5. Summer dresses where you’ll least expect it

Dresses are a must this summer, and you might just be surprised what you’ll find while thrifting. “I would suggest looking for light colored or patterned dresses for the summer time,” says Ramos. Try layering your dresses with different shirts for a cute and girly effect.

IMG Source: Megan Ramos