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Tim Brown

This week’s campus cutie has it all: artistic talent, musical genius, a sense of humor and good looks! If you spot this cutie on campus, be sure to say hello… but beware, he may serenade you.

Name: Tim Brown
Nicknames: The Brownman
Age: 20
Hometown: Summit, NJ
Major/Minor: Art Education
Hobbies: Drawing, baseball, watching the Yankees and Giants, playing guitar, pulling pranks
Activities on-campus: KDP, and I’m in a band, Kollaboration. We play in the Stud and Kendall a lot. Look for us at TCNJ’s Got Talent on April 1st
Fun fact about Tim Brown: I’ve been the millionth viewer on like a dozen websites
Favorite Musician: I love rock music especially bands like Metallica, U2, and the Foo Fighters. I admire Dave Grohl. He’s goofy and a musical genius. I love that he sticks it to modern crappy music.
Favorite Movie: Both Ace Ventura movies
Favorite TV show: Chuck and old school The Office
Pet Peeves: People littering, realizing it happened, and just walking away. That and injustice.
Quirky Habits: Constantly turning everything into a “that’s what she said” joke
Plans for the future: Teach art to America’s youth and wash oil off of a baby seal
Describe yourself in three words: Campus Cutie… Suckas!
Best advice you’ve ever been given: Get that fork away from the outlet (age 4)


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