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The Things I’d Do Differently My First Semester of College

Despite the fact that it’s 2019 and we’re essentially living in a technologically advanced age, the idea of time travel still seems like a far-fetched concept. Still, we think about it a lot. Even if not in the context of the future, everyone thinks about the things they could do differently if given the chance to go back in time. It could be something as small as saying “you too” to the barista telling you to the enjoy your coffee, or deciding not to get that haircut you’d thought you look cute in but didn’t. We make mistakes on a daily basis. And while some of those mistakes make for great stories afterwards, some engender regret and make us realize that it would have been to approach the situation differently.

And now that my first semester of college has come to an end, I look back at it with mixed emotions. Where there’s the immense joy of getting through the semester without completely losing my mind, there’s also a bit of contrition about all the things I could or couldn’t have done. So here’s a list of all the things I’d tell myself if I could relive my first semester of college:


1. Learn different studying techniques

Make a study schedule, color-code all notes, record lectures if possible, and revise newly learned material everyday.


2. Eat healthier

As thankful as I am for my two Cs: cheetos and chocolate, it wouldn’t hurt to switch it up with carrots and cabbage on some days.


3. Go to the gym

Fully embrace the healthy lifestyle and take care of my body. Self care should always come first!


4. Don’t worry unnecessarily about that “one” bad grade on a test

That one bad grade on a test doesn’t mean you’ll fail the class or at life. Relax, breathe, and take it as a learning experience to do better on the next one. After all, college has both its ups and downs.


5. Take more naps

Sleep drastically improves the brain’s concentration and productivity, so sleep deprivation isn’t exactly the smartest choice to make.

More sleep=better grades


6. Not doing it all alone

Kick the shyness away! Go to office hours, tutoring sessions or take help from other people in your class.


7. Saying a big NO to procrastination

“All nighters” are cool but time management can save prevent a lot of stress.


Sameen is currently a Campus Correspondent for HCTCNJ. She is a junior majoring in Biopsychology and is on a pre-med track. When not studying, she can be found curled up with a good book or trying her hand at a new hobby (e.g. playing the guitar, coding, learning a new language).
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