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Hello everyone! Back again with another Kpop playlist: this time, a collection of 6 songs from currently trending Kpop groups. Please enjoy & consider these songs to be added to your playlist. Let’s get into it!

“Everythinggoes” By: RM of BTS

Starting off, here’s a song from the leader of one of the biggest boy groups in the world: BTS. This song is truly a masterpiece, from the message of the song to the music to the amazing man that performs it. This song gets me really hyped and inspires me to let go everything that I did in the past and start anew. I love the repetition of the lines and how he incorporates the music. If you love BTS, RM, uplifting songs, or great music, you definitely need to add “Everythinggoes” to your playlist.

Favorite Line of the Song: “It passes eventually, clearly, certainly.”

“My Time” By: jungkook of bts

The next song is also from a BTS member: this time from their youngest, Jungkook. I absolutely adore this song! The way that Jungkook sings and the way you can feel his emotions in every lyric just makes this song so much more memorable. In this “My Time”, Jungkook expresses how–– even as a child–– he was in the spotlight. This forced him to grow up really quickly, and now he’s still searching for who he truly is. The lyrics are incredibly relatable, especially if you’re still trying to find your true self. If you love BTS, Jungkook, relatable songs, or nice beats, listen to “My Time”.

*P.S. watch the live performance for this song!*

Favorite Line of the Song: “I ran towards where the sun rises every single night. It’s like I’ve been to somebody’s tomorrow.”

“EternalLy” by: txt

This third song is from one of BTS’s younger brother groups, TXT (Tomorrow By Together). “Eternally” is one of those songs that leaves you shocked and wondering, “What was this masterpiece I just heard?” I love how the song starts off at a slow pace and expresses longing for someone to not leave them. The song then has a drastic tone shift: it turns to a more upbeat, dark, and action-oriented tempo. The slower tempo is almost representative of when someone is dreaming and they’re in a world without worries, but when they finally open their eyes, they’re in a world of chaos and darkness: the faster tempo. The way all the members sing and vocalize with the music makes me love this song so much more. If you love TXT, surprising songs, out-of the-box songs, or songs with great symbolism, check out “Eternally” and add it to your playlist.

Favorite Line of the Song: “The darkness that swallowed the scream, Growing gap between you and me.This graffiti before one’s eyes. Swim back into your dreams.”

“Loser=lover” By: TXT

The fourth song is one of my favorite songs from 2021. From the beginning to end, I just can’t help but to dance and sing along when this song comes on. This is another song from TXT, and it was recently dropped along with their new album, The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape. This song, along with the music video, is pretty well crafted and very catchy. It also has great music playing in the back along with amazing, passionate vocals. This song expresses leaving everything behind just to be with the thing or person that makes you feel whole and happy. It truly uplifts you and gives you the feeling to run and go wherever you can leave all the unhappy tears behind. If you love TXT or songs that uplift, consider adding “Loser=Lover” to your playlist.

Favorite Line of the Song: “Jump from this highway. Wings spread and broken, Flyin’ to forever, but can’t help falling. With you even a fall is beautiful. I gladly sink to the other side of the sky. Just hope we can embrace by the end of my clumsy flight. I don’t care if everyone laughs, I want to sink into your ocean.”

“fairy of shampoo” By: dosii

The is one of the most angelic and soft songs that I have ever heard. I was in a state of absolute awe and comfort when I first heard it. Fantastically enough, I heard a cover of it from TXT before finding and listening to this version. I love the TXT cover, but I truly fell hard for Dosii’s rendition. Dosii’s voice and the melody of the song match together so perfectly that I couldn’t help but listen to this song over and over again.

I love how he describes the girl that he’s in love with in this song, and the way he compares her to a fairy, since the song honestly gives off fairy vibes. This song expresses looking at that one person that makes you feel like you belong and are not alone. If you love Dosii, soft songs with beautiful melodies, or songs about love, then give “Fairy of Shampoo” a listen and possibly add it to your playlist.

Favorite Line of the Song: “Whenever I see her, I’m not lonely anymore. The sadness in my heart also disappears to somewhere far away. Dear, you are my shampoo fairy. From this moment on, I will love you.”

“Seoul” by: RM of bts

The last song is another song from RM, who is again an amazing rapper from the amazing group BTS. This is another song from his solo album, Mono–– which Everythinggoes is also featured on!

I love how RM describes and talks about Seoul. Even if he may get sick of some things in Seoul, he’ll always still love it and feel a connection to his home. I also love how he showcases his vocals in this catchy and personal song. This song will not only make you dance, but make you think about your own place of living. If you love RM, BTS, personal songs, or catchy songs, please consider “Seoul” in your playlist. 

Favorite Line of the Song:  *Honestly… I love all the lines because of how personal they are*

Thanks for reading!

Maya McKelvey is currently a college student at The College of New Jersey where she studies Communication Studies and Professional Writing. Maya spends her time writing poems, short stories, scripts, and song lyrics. Maya also is well versed in dance which she has been doing for over 7 years. Maya is an open-minded person who believes in taking risks and chances. Follow her if you'd like on snap and Instagram @y8awesome.
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