Thanksgiving Leftovers to Bring Back to School

Thanksgiving, a glorious time of no classes, and plenty of sleep, family, and food.

Did we mention the food?

To prolong this warm, slightly uncomfortable feeling of Thanksgiving, make sure to bring back those leftovers! We’ve got a few new ideas to keep leftovers exciting and not have you running back to Eick before you have to.

Classic Thanksgiving Day Sandwich: I first discovered this sandwich at the ripe age of five, maybe six. My family and I went to a restaurant where I ordered the Thanksgiving Day Club (I wasn’t one of those kids that just ordered chicken fingers and a side of mac and cheese.) And out came this beautiful sandwich stacked tall with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and yes, green beans. It was wonderful; it was huge; it was a mouthful of my favorite holiday.

And since that life-changing moment, I have been crafting my own version with all Thanksgiving Day leftovers, piled high between two slices of bread.

Turkey salad: Like the chicken and tuna versions, mix chopped up leftover turkey with a little mayo, mustard, and chopped celery to spread on crackers, eat between bread, or serve on top lettuce.

Salad with turkey: Make a mixed green or romaine salad and top with chopped green apples, walnuts, cold leftover turkey, and dried cranberries.

Got a stove? Make a grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, turkey and cheese quesadilla, or grilled Panini with turkey and cranberry sauce. Simply put turkey, and your favorite cheese on either bread or a tortilla and grill! For the Panini, dress it with cranberry sauce, and press flat.


Mashed Potatoes: It’s pretty much a no brainer. Mashed potatoes are easy dorm leftovers, pop them in a microwave and you’re all set! Top with leftover cranberry sauce or gravy. Or nab some shredded cheddar cheese from the salad bar in Eick- we won’t tell!

Lasagna: If your family is anything like my family, we serve lasagna for every occasion (I’m Italian if you didn’t guess). Cut leftover lasagna into individual portions and then freeze in freezer approved containers or bags. That way, you can eat perishable leftovers first and then still have good-ol’fashioned home cooked meals waiting for later.