TCNJ Predicts the 45th President

Today November 8, 2016, marks the day where registered Americans elect a candidate into office for four years. Could TCNJ Stat 115 students predict who the next president is? Let’s find out.

TCNJ Statistics 115 is assigned a sample survey project every year. My team members and I decided to survey TCNJ students on who they would vote for president on November 8, 2016. We surveyed 66 TCNJ students and these are the results:

Out of the 66 students surveyed, 37.31% were males, and 62.69% were females Most responses came from students from the School of Business and School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). 25.37% were business and 23.88% were HSS. The least represented school was Engineering, which accounted for 7.46% of the responses.

68.66% were underclassmen, and 31.34% were upperclassmen.

4.48% of students said they were not informed, 35.82% said they were very informed and 59.7% said they were in the middle.

The question we’ve all been waiting for: who is TCNJ’s top choice for presidency based on my sample of 66 students?

20.9% said they were voting for Donald Trump, 59.7% said they were voting for Hillary Clinton, and 4.48% said they were voting for a third party candidate. The rest of the data, 14.93%, said they were either not registered to vote, or not voting.

Does all of this data mean that Hillary Clinton will be elected president? Maybe, maybe not. The sample of 66 TCNJ students is only representative of TCNJ students. TCNJ is a pretty liberal school, so other surveys with different populations might give different results. We might have more accurate results also for estimating TCNJ’s candidate if we increased our sample size, and if we made sure to get an equal amount of students to represent each gender, school, and year.