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Ever thought about bringing Taylor Swift albums to life? Not only can her music motivate us to sing along and dance around, but it can also inspire us decorate our dorm rooms! Check out these decor ideas based on each of her nine albums. They capture the aesthetic and ambiance of every era, ensuring that every Swiftie out there dreaming of their favorite album can watch it transform into their own college reality.      

Theme: Taylor Swift 

Material: Denim  

Colors: Cyan & chartreuse 

Decor must-haves: 

  • Acoustic guitar 
  • Collection of colorful cowgirl hats 
  • Glass vase of wildflowers 
  • Horse-themed yearly calendar 
  • Paper butterflies 
  • Countryside photographs  

Theme: Fearless 

Material: Silk  

Colors: Gold and Caramel  

Decor must-haves: 

  • Sunset lamp 
  • Full-length bedazzled mirror 
  • Golden streamers 
  • CD player 
  • Sparkly accent pillows 
  • Pair of leather cowgirl boots 

Theme: Speak Now 

Material: Velvet  

Colors: Violet and lavender 

Decor must-haves:  

  • Watercolor scenery paintings 
  • String of white roses  
  • Shimmery sheer curtains 
  • Lilac-covered tapestry 
  • Wonderstruck perfume 
  • Himalayan salt lamp

Theme: Red 

Material: Flannel 

Colors: Scarlet and slate  

Decor must-haves: 

  • Vintage record player 
  • Black wide brim flat fedora 
  • Collection of red lipsticks 
  • Light-up vanity mirror 
  • Collage of old magazines 
  • Decorative coffee mugs 

Theme: 1989 

Material: Cashmere  

Colors: Periwinkle and silver 

Decor must-haves: 

  • String of polaroids 
  • Neon lights 
  • CD wall decor  
  • Posters of cityscapes  
  • Polaroid camera  
  • Street signs 

Theme: Reputation 

Material: Snakeskin  

Colors: Black and charcoal  

Decor must-haves: 

  • LED strip lights 
  • Collage of newspapers  
  • Cinematic light box  
  • Leather jacket  
  • Black and white photographs 
  • Light-up speaker   

Theme: Lover 

Material: Sequins 

Colors: Rose and lavender   

Decor must-haves: 

  • Fluffy pink blanket 
  • Cloud light projector 
  • Mini bubblegum machine 
  • Lava lamp
  • Collection of stuffed animals 
  • Rainbow alarm clock 

Theme: Folklore

Material: Lace 

Colors: Emerald and cream  

Decor must-haves:  

  • Fairy lights 
  • Wicker basket 
  • Collection of old postcards 
  • Typewriter  
  • Assortment of knitted cardigans  
  • Vintage advertisements 

Theme: Evermore 

Material: Burlap 

Colors: Amber and Cinnamon 

Decor must-haves: 

  • Strings of ivy 
  • Collection of vintage books 
  • Map of the world 
  • Friend photo album 
  • Paper airplanes 
  • Antique perfume bottles
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