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Sorry Not Sorry; The New Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy are Better

More characters = more to love.

So I know a lot of people miss the old Grey’s Anatomy. I see a lot of memes and Buzzfeed articles in my newsfeed and I have to say, I disagree with a majority of the reasons. So here’s my main reasons why I think if there is a sweet spot, it’s definitely not the first couple seasons.

  1. Izzie Stevens sucked.It needs to be said. I can’t miss the original interns (people’s #1 reason for missing the old days) because I rush to get to a point to where Izzie isn’t on the show. She was self-centered, very narrow minded and didn’t take accountability for her actions. As the “trailer park girl” who worked her way through college, I expect a little more common sense and thinking through her decisions.
  2. Meredith was supposedly some great prodigy- but I can’t remember her doing anything besides helping Derek with surgeries.In the newer seasons she was given a chance to grow, do research, use a 3-D printer and actually become the great surgeon everyone always said she was meant to be.
  3. Cristina and Owen > Cristina and BurkePopular opinion seems to be that all of the sudden, Cristina became too vulnerable when she was with Owen. First, hello, and welcome to being in a relationship. You get comfortable, you let your walls down and you become vulnerable. Cristina and Owen both had a dam built up of all the trauma they’d been through, so it only made sense that they had an emotionally heavy relationship. Burke and Cristina definitely had their moments but Owen helped Cristina become more relatable and show more sides of herself.
  4. The friendships aren’t the same.No they’re not. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There are new characters and so much has happened. People have grown as individuals and grown together. We’ll all miss the Meredith and Cristina sister moments a lot, but you can’t deny that the new friendships help to fill the gap (Meredith and Alex, Meredith and Amy, etc.) and are adorable- and sometimes dark and twisted too.
  5. The new characters aren’t as good and the old ones aren’t the same. …But that doesn’t mean that they’re not awesome! Jackson, April, Amy and Maggie, the list goes on, and on! This includes the characters that have been here all along and keep getting better like Bailey, Alex, Callie, etc. They’ve gotten so much character development, and it’s a good thing!
  6. All of my favorite people die and too many traumatic things have happened.  Ever heard of Game of Thrones? Welcome to riveting TV. It sucks, we sob, we use all of our tissues, we mourn the loss of our favorites and we push along so we can be happy and hope for happiness for those who remain. Actors want to move on to other projects and without them on the show, we end up emotionally traumatized. And yet, we keep tuning in every week.
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