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Senior Collegiettes’ Last Semester

Welcome to the Class of 2013’s last semester! With May 17th fast approaching, many collegiettes are busy making the final touches to their resumes, brushing up on interview skills, and enjoying a bittersweet ending to their undergraduate career. But before the semester gets too hectic many seniors enjoyed a night of fun at Senior Night.

Seniors Kaitlyn Kapusta, Nursing major; Jessica Fredericks, Psychology major; and Jennifer Ulrich, Special Education major.

Senior Chemistry major Katherine McGarry and senior Finance major CJ Gutch take their friend junior Finance major Jen Toth for a night out.

Former roommates Sneha Tolia, senior Biology major, and Senior Elementary Education major Annie Rosenberg.

Wolfe 6 alum (left to right):  Senior Lauren Rosa is an Elementary Education major, Taylor Dickerson is Elementary Education/MST, and Brielle Kirk is a Health and Exercise Science major.

Sociology major Jackie Roe, Mathematics major Kat Cortes, and Special Education major Steph Kurp.


Katherine Aebischer is a senior Anthropology student at The College of New Jersey.
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