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Sarah Kolonia ’15


This week’s cutie is the definition of a campus cutie with her radiant personality, signature long blonde hair, tremendous involvement on campus and enthusiastic dedication to causes close to her heart. A soon-to-be graduate, she plans on finishing the Special Education program at TCNJ and becoming a classroom teacher. She loves sports, country music, mashed potatoes and her sorority sisters. Meet Sarah!

Name: Sarah Kolonia

Nickname: My siblings call me Tara and Sarqua…

Relationship status: In a relationship

Age/school year: 21, Senior

Hometown: Holland Township, NJ

Major: Special Education and iSTEM

Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends and volunteering for the Arthritis Foundation

Campus organizations: Kappa Delta Sorority, Order of Omega Honor Society, Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society and B + Foundation Heroes Coordinator

Short-term goals: Finish this semester and do well on my finals. This has been my hardest and busiest semester yet. I can’t wait for the work to be done!

Post-grad plans: Finish the 5-year Special Education program with my masters and hopefully either co-teach or become a self-contained classroom teacher!

Dream job: Anything related to sports. I grew up playing sports, going to games and watching them on TV so it would be really cool to be a sports analyst.

Ideal first date: Going somewhere I have never been before, getting dinner and then going to an Eagles game or watching it on TV

Biggest turn-ons: When guys like country music and are into sports as much as I am

Biggest turn-offs: When people try really hard or act differently around different people, just be yourself. Also, when other people are indecisive, because personally, I am terrible at making decisions.

Celebrity crush: Blake Lively, she is perfect.

Favorite movie: I like Law Abiding Citizen, 7 Pounds, P.S. I Love You and Disney movies like Cool Runnings and Despicable Me.

Favorite food: Mashed potatoes and yes I do get made fun of for it often.

Favorite thing about TCNJ: Everything. I have had such a great experience at this school and I would not change anything. I have met some of my best friends and have made so many great memories throughout my four years.

Best memory/Proudest moment at TCNJ: Getting to know and live with the people from my freshman floor. They are some of my best friends and I wish that I could relive that experience because I absolutely loved it.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled: I’ve never left the East Coast… but I have been to Florida and North Carolina more times than I can count. I love North Carolina, my family and six other families go on vacation there every year.

Favorite musician: I don’t think I really have a favorite, but I love country music.

The number one thing on your bucket list: Travel. There are so many beautiful places and things that I would love to see.

Role model: My grandfather, my sorority “big sister”, Ashley Garguilo and my sorority ‘”little sister”, Lauren Lagriola. They are all really driven people and they mean a lot to me. I will always look up to them.

Pet peeves: When people don’t know how to drive, when people leave the volume on an uneven number and when people snore when they sleep

Guilty pleasure: Watching Pretty Little Liars, I just want to know who A finally is.

Fun fact: My cousin and I were on Slime Time Live!

The best advice you’ve been given: Never go to bed angry, you never know what could happen.

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