Ryan Boyne, 2014 Homecoming King

Ryan Boyne won the title of Homecoming King on October 25, 2014, keeping the Ambassador legacy going strong for another year. In his own words on keeping that legacy going, Ryan said, “IT FEELS AMAZING.”

By winning Homecoming King, Ryan also was able to keep another new legacy going this year: “Senior Ambassador chemistry major planning to attend medical school from Robbinsville, NJ, also named Ryan.” Last year’s Homecoming King, Ryan DeAngelis, who just so happened to also be a best friend to Ryan Boyne since he was five years old, crowned Boyne which he described as “icing on the cake” to this memorable day. “Also having Carol [his mom] there through the entire homecoming day was pretty amazing,” Ryan said.

Boyne didn’t become King this year just from sharing similarities with last year’s king. He is involved on campus through various organizations, including Ambassadors, Student Government, the TCNJ Board of Trustees, Gamma Sigma Epsilon (the Chemistry Honors Society) and the new fraternity on campus, Delta Tau Delta. Ryan plans to attend medical school after graduation with the hope of one day becoming a physician.

Representing the entire TCNJ community, through the privilege of holding the title, was really what drove Ryan to run for Homecoming King. The support of all the other candidates on the Homecoming Court was what he described as the best feeling throughout the whole process of campaigning. “It wasn’t a cutthroat race,” he said, “After the interview everyone talked to everyone else giving advice on how it went. Even when everyone was walking onto the field everyone was just excited to be there regardless if they won or came in last place.”

In holding the title of Homecoming King, Ryan, alongside Homecoming Queen Courtney McGovern, will work closely with Alumni Affairs to coordinate the Young Alumni Programming Initiative, assisting with the programming and marketing of the program.

This year’s Queen, Courtney McGovern, provided Boyne with another very memorable part of the day. During Welcome Week this past August, these Ambassadors performed skits for the freshman class. In Boyne and McGovern’s skits, they acted out Homecoming and were a part of a scene in which they both won King and Queen.

The most memorable moment for Ryan was “hearing both our names called and us meeting in the middle of the field looking at each other and saying, ‘Wow. I can’t believe this is actually happening and I can’t believe the foreshadowing.’”

Ryan’s motto for achieving success: “Make your bed every day.”  He said, “It sets up each day for success.  You have completed one task and are ready to complete another even harder task.  Besides, if the day does not go as planned, you have a well-prepared bed to end your day and move on to the next.”