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Most of these shows are really popular, but they’re also my favorites. In case you haven’t already seen them, fear not; because here I rate them on a scale of 1-10 so you can see for yourself. Also, a little PSA: these are all on Netflix!

Emily in Paris

Rating: 9.8 

Two seasons renewed for seasons 3 & 4!!

I mean, at this point, I should give it a ten, but the ending was very unsatisfying, so it suffered a .2 loss in its scoring. Otherwise, I highly HIGHLY recommend this show. It’s the perfect mix of romantic comedy and drama, and the love triangle is spicy. Will Emily pick Alfie or Gabriel? If you’ve already seen it, you know what I’m talking about. The correct choice, in my opinion, is Alfie because he loves her, there’s no drama, and he’s just perfect. The whole aesthetic and storyline of the show are well thought out and intriguing. You won’t regret watching this one trust me!!

Young and Hungry

Rating: 9.1 

5 seasons

I love this show!! 5 seasons of straight satisfaction. The dynamic between a wealthy entrepreneur and his newly hired chef is fun to watch. And if not that, the casting of Emily Osment as the main character is enough to pull me into watching it! To all my ladies with a childhood obsession for Hannah Montana, I promise you Emily Osment does not disappoint even now! The only reason I gave this show a lower rating is that I loved all the other shows on this list more, but it’s still pretty high up!


Rating: 8.9

2 seasons 

Marlon is a comedy in which they portray a middle-class black family with divorced parents who always hang out. The humor in this show is really light and fun to watch. It, however, did start to get a little repetitive and was never renewed for more than 2 seasons. So for those reasons, I had to give it a lower rating. I included it because it is still a super fun show to watch, and it always makes me laugh! 

Sweet Magnolias

Rating: 9.2

1 season, 2nd coming out February 4th!

Maddie and Cal have my whole heart. This show has so many different love stories, and they’re all so juicy, which makes it 10 times better. The main characters are moms who are the best of friends and host a plethora of marg nights sharing (Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen) their experiences of navigating relationships in their lives. Their kids, Ty, Annie, and Kyle, are best friends like their moms. Sweet Magnolias is the perfect mixture of comedy and drama or dramedy. They all live in a small town called Serenity, where everyone there spreads each other’s business, and the way the show unfolds makes for a very satisfying appeal to its viewers. It is more of a family-type show but very entertaining. 

The Good Place

Rating: 9.7

4 seasons 

THIS SHOW. The way that I bawled my eyes out after the last episode. It was heartbreakingly satisfying. I simply cannot express my feelings in any other way. The bond you create with the characters throughout the 4 seasons is unmatched. The storyline is SO unique, never before seen, and unexpected. If you like shows with mystery, comedy, and love, this one is for you. Eleanor ends up in the excellent place, which is heaven but quickly realizes she’s not supposed to be there. She finds her “soulmate” and then has to find a way to get out of the excellent place or be good enough to stay. I would recommend this show 10000%, and I don’t want to spoil it, so that little introduction is all you get. 

Dash and Lily

Rating: 9

1 season :(

A Christmas show, but not like those Hallmark movies. It’s different, intriguing, have a spin on the classic love story. This show is about two strangers who communicate through a notebook instead of meeting each other. They write in a notebook and leave it in various, meaningful locations around NYC to get to know each other. And when they do meet, it’s incredibly heart-warming. Unfortunately, this show never made it past 1 season, and I know that makes it less likely to come off as a good show, but I do promise it is. Even that one season was terrific, and I’m beyond upset there isn’t a second. Keep this one on your must-watch list for Christmas this year !!

If you haven’t already caught on, I love watching comedies, romantic comedies, or dramedies. Some other shows that are also my favorites that I didn’t include were The Office, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, and Friends. I felt like everyone already knew about these shows, and they’re also clear 10s. I hope this list introduces you to some shows you haven’t already seen or at least a new perspective on them!

Anvi is a Junior Biology major who is currently an Editor for HerCampus. She is a succulent and cacti enthusiast who advocates for all things health and wellness. You can find her online shopping, drinking protein shakes or hanging out with her friends :)
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