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Ranking Every 5SOS Song

It’s finally March! For some people, this is the month of Saint Patrick’s Day AKA time to go to parades for many reasons other than celebrating their (or their friend’s) Irish heritage. Other people look at March as the month of spring break and a marker for being halfway done with the spring semester. Other people, such as myself, have entered March with the thought that it is the month that 5 Seconds of Summer release their highly anticipated fourth album, CALM, and continue their journey to world domination. The Australian boys that we have grown to know and love have already released three singles ahead of the album’s release, all of which has quickly become both fan favorites (“No Shame” and “Old Me” and radio hits (“Easier” and “Teeth”). 

CALM is sure to be an instant classic, showcasing every single musical side that they have to offer the world. From the singles alone, we have already tapped into the industrial pop genre with “Teeth,” and have experienced the hip-hop tinged pop stylings in “Old Me.” Not to mention that we already know that the band is highly capable of churning out pop punk bangers (ie: Their entire debut album), personal alternative rock stories (ie: “Outer Space/Carry On”), and iconic pop chart-toppers (ie: Ever heard of a little song called “Youngblood”?). Therefore, ahead of the CALM’s release, I have compiled a definitive ranking of all of the songs studio recorded and released by 5SOS over the course of their almost nine year career.

(Personally, while I adore basically every single song on this list, I find the first five to ten songs to be the absolute God Tier of the band’s discography. 


  1. Lie To Me

    1. This song deserves it all, bar none. The real life backstory, the video, the remixes, the plot, the passion, the acoustic version, the piano. There is so much to say about this brilliant piece of music and yet I’m at a loss for words to describe its unbeatable beauty.

  2. English Love Affair

  3. Ghost of You

  4. Story of Another Us

  5. End Up Here

  6. Killer Queen (Cover)

    1. You’re probably wondering how a cover made it into the Top 10, when it is clear that 5 Seconds of Summer have an entire discography to listen to and love. I’ll tell you what, this cover of a Queen classic is astronomically good. The harmonies, the instrumentation, the production…. They’ve both made it their own and kept it spot on from the original. 

  7. Wherever You Are

    1. This video. That is all. Get ready for all the nostalgic feelings, Luke girls.

  8. Waste The Night

  9. When You Walk Away

    1. If you haven’t heard this song, you’ve been missing out. This deluxe track came out on the Japanese edition of Youngblood and, like it’s counterpart “Midnight,” could’ve easily been a smash hit. It’s edgy, passionate, alternative pop with hints of something new and experimental that I don’t think the band had completely been ready to play with at the time, but did anyway, resulting in this bop. If you love the angst and reality of Sounds Good, Feels Good and the synth-based pop tendencies of Youngblood, this sound is absolutely for you. Let’s all say thank you to whoever uploaded this track on YouTube and showcased its beauty to the world. 

  10. No Shame

  11. Moving Along

  12. The Girl Who Cried Wolf

  13. Try Hard

  14. Voodoo Doll

  15. Why Won’t You Love Me

  16. Out Of My Limit

  17. Midnight

  18. Gotta Get Out

  19. Babylon

    1. Babylon puts our lovely Calum Hood right in the spotlight and we couldn’t be happier. The bass player has taken a strong musical approach to the band, as Luke has continuously come forth as the lead singer and frontman, but who is complaining? Calum is a fantastic, dedicated bassist and an even better lyricist, so when he gets to do both with the addition of singing, we don’t question it. Babylon is the perfect example of what Calum can do as a musician and an artist. The live version of the song is next level, too. 10/10 would recommend. 

  20. Close as Strangers

  21. Amnesia

  22. Catch Fire

  23. Heartache On The Big Screen

  24. Lost In Reality

  25. Rejects

    1. I know it’s been years, but still think about this video every single day. I’m also quite certain it solidified my love for this song. Off the Don’t Stop EP, “Rejects” is one of those deep cut fan favorites that may have stood the test of time within the fandom, but not so much outside of it, because between no longer playing the song live (or bringing fans on stage for it) and the fact that the EP is not actually available in the U.S., it sort of falls off the radar. It’s a pure pop punk banger filled with angst and passion and memorable guitar riffs. Who hates that?

  26. Over and Out

  27. Teeth

  28. 18

  29. Safety Pin

  30. The Space Between A Rock And A Hard Place

  31. Broken Home

  32. Girls Talk Boys

  33. Old Me

    1. The latest 5SOS single is definitely a sound that hasn’t quite been tackled by the band just yet. It’s fast paced, by not in the same way that “Teeth” or “Kiss Me, Kiss Me” is. It’s got a modern pop edge, similar to the stylings of Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber, but does not stray away from who they are as artists, either. You can find some key Aussie boys in this ode to who they once were and where they are now and in between the “disco-tinged falsetto,” as Rolling Stone so eloquently put it.

  34. Long Way Home

  35. Talk Fast

  36. Heartbreak Girl

  37. Airplanes

    1. Quite possibly one of the most underrated and unknown songs of Sounds Good, Feels Good, “Airplanes” is a stellar, mesmerizing, goosebump-raising track. It is relatable and meaningful, with lyrics that hit close to home if you’ve ever felt lost, misunderstood, or overlooked. Not to mention the fact that I’m a sucker for anytime Michael sings, let alone starts off a song.

  38. Jet Black Heart

  39. Good Girls

  40. Lost Boy

  41. Outer Space / Carry On

  42. Empty Wallets

    1. An underrated, but irreplaceable bop off Youngblood, “Empty Wallets” is a tune for the ages. Who can’t admit to spending too much money on themselves, friends, and their youth all in the name of a good time? I mean, isn’t that exactly what I did spending hundreds of dollars for my friends and I to go and see 5SOS this summer? I, too, am “dancing on empty wallets,” but it’s worth it for sure. 

  43. Disconnected

  44. Vapor

  45. Too Late

  46. Better Man

  47.  San Francisco

  48. If Walls Could Talk

  49. Social Casualty

  50. Castaway

    1. If I started a petition for the band to bring this back to life on stage again, would any of you sign it? Because I would pay so much money to see a “Castaway” guitar battle between Michael and Luke return to their setlist this time around.

  51. Want You Back

  52. Invisible

  53. I Miss You (Cover)

  54. More

  55. Who Do You Love

  56. Wrapped Around Your Finger

  57. Broken Pieces

  58. Youngblood

    1. Ah, this iconic Summer 2018 banger was everything 5SOS needed and more to solidify their comeback to the music scene after a two and half year hiatus. While the lead single for Youngblood, the album, was “Want You Back” and while I felt it was a bigger change of sound and seemed more of a passion project for the guys, “Youngblood” was – and still is – a stellar, whirlwind radio hit. The undertones of industrial pop really paved the way for tracks like “Teeth” and “Easier,” but in a way that got them back on the mainstream, danceable pop wave. The success this song received is truly well deserved. 

  59. Fly Away

  60. If You Don’t Know

  61. Easier

  62. Permanent Vacation

  63. Beside You (2014)

  64. The Only Reason

  65. Just Saying

  66. Beside You (2012)

  67. Meet You There

  68. Woke Up In Japan

    1. You know what’s interesting? 5 Seconds of Summer wrote this song seemingly about a one-night-stand that happened in Japan. Meanwhile, Shawn Mendes has his own song “Lost in Japan’‘ about going all the way across the world just to spend the night with some girl. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I think these slick Aussie men and this Canadian heartthrob have some explaining to do….

  69. Unpredictable

  70. She’s Kinda Hot

  71. Hey Everybody!

  72. What I Like About You (Cover)

  73. Money

  74. Greenlight

    1. A cute little pop song about consent that references Megan Fox and Katy Perry? I’ll take that anyday! It’s definitely not one of their most intricately crafted or creative tracks, but it was a big step in the pop direction, which helped it become a bop in and of itself.

  75. Valentine

  76. Don’t Stop

  77. Monster Among Men

  78. Tomorrow Never Dies

  79. Jasey Rae (Cover)

    1. Nothing warms my heart more than knowing how big of fans the 5SOS boys were of All Time Low and how they’re going to be touring Europe with them as their opener this year. From covering their songs to having them open for their headlining tour…. That’s character development. 

  80. She Looks So Perfect

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I love this song just as much as anyone else, but having been a fan of the band since before it came out, I knew all of what they were capable of. They were young, fun, romantic, rock and roll lyricists with a knack for pop melodies. While SLSP has all of that, it was a commercial success and took that aspect of the band up far too many notches in front of the media, on the radio, and on stages. A little overplayed? Sure. A banger? I’d say so. The perfect set-up for a modern day pop rock career? Definitely. 

  81. Independence Day

  82. Everything I Didn’t Say

  83. Kiss Me, Kiss Me

  84. Daylight

  85. Never Be

  86. Best Friend

  87. Pizza

  88. American Idiot (Cover)

  89. Mrs. All American

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have willingly listened to this song in full since its 2014 release. The lyrics, while catchy as can be, are a childish mess. I still don’t know how any record label allowed it to be heard. The musicality of it is bop-worthy and fun, but I simply will never ever get over the lyrics “That mini-van that you drive really gets me going.” Nope, never. Sorry, boys.

Debra Kate Schafer is a Journalism and Professional Writing major at TCNJ with a background in music journalism, newspaper writing, and radio. When she's not writing, she can be found playing with her dog, laughing at her own jokes, talking about Harry Styles, and eating too much sushi for her own good.
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