Ranking All Jonas Brothers Albums and Songs

New Jersey natives, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas, have stolen the hearts of millions. From their years on the Disney Channel with their own show, to the Camp Rock movies, and eventually their own solo albums, they have had fans that followed them through everything. 

October 29, 2013 was a terrible day for their fans. Just before their second U.S. tour of the year was about to begin, they cancelled their tour dates and released the news that the band had broken up. Joe and Nick had found new people to make music with and had released a few albums by themselves. Yet, after their six year hiatus, they decided to come back as a band and they are now better than ever. 

A little over a year ago, we (Hailey and Darienne) decided to travel back in time to our childhoods which were filled with obsessing over the latest boy bands, and wrote a little article listing our favorite One Direction albums from favorite to least favorite. Here we are again, making a collaborative comeback, just like the Jonas Brothers! 



Fun Fact: Kevin, his wife, and her family were vacationing at the same place as me and I walked up and down the boardwalk until I found them and I met Kevin Jonas.

If you know me, you know how big of a Jonas Brothers fan I am. Ever since the age of 7, Nick Jonas has been the love of my life – and continues to be today! I’ve seen the band as a whole in concert 3 times, Joe Jonas once, Nick Jonas three times, DNCE once, and Nick once again on Broadway. So yes, you can say I’m obsessed. From 13 years of listening to their music, I definitely have my fair share of opinions. I’ve always had my favorite songs and albums, and I finally decided to share it. Right before the band broke up, they recorded some songs that were going to be released on an album called LiVe, (capital V in ode to their fifth album as a band), yet it was never released as an album for streaming. It is only found on YouTube where it’s not even a studio recording, but I have listened to the songs enough to have an opinion on them, so I included that album as well as their albums from their TV shows, Jonas and Jonas L.A., because I may or may not listen to those songs on a daily basis. 

I have been tested on this and I can indeed name 99% of their songs just by listening to the first note and have 100% memorized Big Rob’s rap in “Burnin’ Up” and Nick’s rap in “Your Biggest Fan.”


  1. Lines, Vines and Trying Times

    1. Fly With Me

    2. Black Keys 

    3. Turn Right

    4. Much Better

    5. Before the Storm

  2. Happiness Begins 

    1. Strangers

    2. Hesitate

    3. Rollercoaster

    4. I Believe 

    5. Don’t Throw It Away

  3. Jonas Brothers

    1. Just Friends

    2. Hello Beautiful

    3. Inseparable

    4. Still In Love with You

    5. Australia 

  4. A Little Bit Longer

    1. Can't Have You

    2. Sorry

    3. Got Me Going Crazy

    4. A Little Bit Longer

    5. Shelf

  5. It’s About Time

    1. Please Be Mine

    2. Underdog

    3. Mandy

    4. One Day at a time

    5. 7:05

Honorable Mentions:


    1. Your Biggest Fan

    2. Fall

    3. Summer Rain

    4. Invisible

    5. Make it Right

  2. LiVe (unreleased album)

    1. Wedding Bells

    2. The World

    3. Neon

    4. What Do I Mean To You

    5. First Time (This song was released as a single, but it was supposed to be on this album so I’m counting it)

  3. JONAS

    1. Give Love A Try

    2. Tell Me Why

    3. Live to Party

    4. Keep It Real

    5. Time is On Our Side



Fun Fact: Hailey and I bonded over our shared love for the Jonas Brothers, but more importantly, over our love for their song “Fly With Me.”

Anyway, as much as I am a huge Justin Bieber fan, I could never deny the original “JB” was and will always be the Jonas Brothers. I grew up as a die hard fan and was lucky enough to see them on their Happiness Begins tour with Hailey! Let’s see if my ranking is similar to her’s...


  1. Lines, Vines, and Trying Times

    1. Fly With Me

    2. Paranoid

    3. Poison Ivy

    4. World War III

    5. Black Keys

  2. Happiness Begins

    1. Hesitate (My future wedding song!)

    2. Happy When I’m Sad

    3. Rollercoaster

    4. Cool (Mainly because of the Post Malone reference)

    5. Only Human

    6. Comeback (Okay, this list has six, but I saw this tour live and am no longer able to only choose five.) 

  3. Jonas Brothers 

    1. When You Look Me in the Eyes

    2. Hello Beautiful

    3. Hold On

    4. Just Friends

    5. SOS

  4. A Little Bit Longer

    1. Lovebug

    2. A Little Bit Longer

    3. Can’t Have You

    4. Burnin Up

    5. Got Me Going Crazy

  5. It’s About Time

    1. Mandy

    2. Year 3000

    3. I Am What I Am

    4. Time For Me to Fly

    5. Please Be Mine

If you read our One Direction article, you would remember that we had very opposing opinions, but clearly this doesn’t apply to our Jonas Brothers rankings. Also, yes, we wrote these separately and only then realized our album ranking is exactly the same.