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Procrastination Station

After three glorious months of freedom, classes have begun, homework is due and you’ve got a quiz on Friday.

When in desperate need of a study break, stop on by “Procrastination Station” and climb aboard the cyber train to cute, unusual, laugh out loud, just plain distracting Internet gold.

1. “A Life on Facebook” by Alex Droner

2. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Dakota Fanning (and others!) starred in commercials before hitting it big. Head over to “Celebrity Commercials Before They Were Famous,” to spot Paul Rudd in a nerdy Nintendo spot and Leo DiCaprio touting “Bubble Yum.”

3. Isn’t it strange round pizzas come in a square box? Not in this bizarre yet creative packaging design. Check out the others, like canned wine and paper bottles at YouTheDesigner.

4. Feel free to sing-a-long as the Axis of Awesome takes on the four chords rampant in pop music.

5. “Every dog should have a point of view.” This is real.

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