Our Favorite Commercials From the 2014 Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, collegiettes! Whether you’re the kind of girl who enjoys football or not, I’m sure you can agree that this day is full of great food, an awesome halftime show and of course, commercials worth watching. Here are some of the best advertisements from this year’s Super Bowl:

First off, we can’t even talk about the commercials this year without mentioning Budweiser’s adorable puppy/horse ad. This one had people from all over “aw-ing” aloud over the puppy love that Budweiser so endearingly portrayed.

Then, there was Ellen Degeneres in the charming fairytale-inspired commercial for Beats Music and AT&T. This cute ad had people wanting to get up and join Ellen and the wolves dance.


Coca-Cola’s commercial involved a mash-up of “America the Beautiful” sung in a variety of different languages. By showing the variety of ethnicities that make up America, this commercial captured the essence of our country.


Although the Seahawks ended up stealing the show this year, David Beckham might have stolen the entire show in the ad for H&M. Women across the country might have drooled a little as Beckham ran around barely dressed in this commercial.

TurboTax’s commercial had us chuckling at the prom metaphor. Don’t let Sean steal your girl!


Chevy’s commercial was touching, as they joined with the American Cancer Society to celebrate survivors and those “on the road to recovery.” Their call to action encouraged audiences to support World Cancer Day on February 4.

Last but not least, Doritos gave many a good laugh in their time machine commercial.