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The Olympic Spirit of Sibling Rivalry

Sisters or brothers often drive each other through walls, up roofs and into heated arguments. Having a sibling, however, can result in a motivating competitive effect that brings out the best in each individual. Here are several Olympic athletes who prove that sometimes sibling rivalry can drive each person to success. Go Team USA!

Gracie and Carly Gold

Gracie Gold has a twin. While it’s debatable how much they look alike, it’s clear they both have a passion for ice-skating. Both are competitive ice skaters, and while it is hard to imagine that one never got the least bit jealous of the other, Gracie says that having her sister skate with her motivates her. 

Alex and Maia Shibutani

Keeping with the ice skating theme, one cannot overlook the Shibutani brother-sister ice-dancing duo. While it must be a little awkward dancing with your older brother, it is clear that they both have each other’s backs. In a sport built on synchronicity and trusting your partner, being siblings gives them a serious edge over the competition.

Phil and Amanda Kessel

Amanda is used to playing with the boys, as she played on a boy’s hockey team while growing up. One can’t help but imagine that this was a case of what a big brother does, a little sister does. Hockey is clearly central in the Kessel family; the siblings have a middle brother who also plays the sport. Playing with the guys certainly has made Amanda faster, tougher and apparently Olympic-worthy. 

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