Meet SP! (Sara Petrozziello)

Sara Petrozziello, known for her extremely long and hard-to-spell last name, is a Sophomore Journalism and Professional Writing major at TCNJ! Sara likes to differentiate herself from the many Saras at TCNJ and goes by her iconic nickname: SP!

SP says she was given her nickname in high school by one of her very close friends Marisa, who is from SP’s hometown of Rockaway, New Jersey. Her nickname really comes in handy, when living with two other Sara(h)s!

SP is 100% Italian and it’s her dream to study abroad in Italy, which may become a reality in the next two years! SP is also a sister of Alpha Xi Delta and a writer for Her Campus TCNJ! She says her ideal occupation would involve copyright work and hopefully would take place in New York City!

SP often says how she wishes she lived in the 80s and loves all things from that time period! This is shown through her unique sense of style and music taste! Friends of SP often joke about how she loves Halloween, Fleetwood Mac, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, making her the ultimate spooky season connoisseur!(she even kept her spooky season decorations up well into the holiday season.)

All joking aside, SP is probably one of the kindest and most loyal friend a girl could ask for! She is always willing listen, offer great advice, and just joke around with! She is extremely talented and it’s shown through her drawings, poetry, and music ability! I have no doubt that SP is going to be extremely successful in whatever she ends up doing!

Image: Sara Petrozziello