Meet Mia, President of HCTCNJ and Soon-to-be-Graduate

Full name: Mia Carmela Ingui

Birthday: November 2, 1998

Sign: Scorpio sun, Aries moon, Aries rising

Grade & major: Senior Journalism and Professional Writing major, minors in Marketing and Creative Writing


Is journalism something you’ve always been passionate about, or did you decide to pursue it once you got to college?

  • Yes and no. I was always really passionate about English, and I’ve always loved to write in high school, but I didn’t see myself teaching. So I looked into other writing programs, found TCNJ’s JPW program, and loved it. I’m really glad I’ve learned practical uses for my writing and found new passions, like editing and social media management.   

Are you involved with anything at TCNJ besides Her Campus?

  • I have been a member of the TCNJ Treblemakers, the all-female acapella group, for a few years now and joining changed my college experience. I found a group of supportive, loving and talented women who constantly boost me up on rough days and give me a safe space on campus. I did theater in high school but was too afraid to do it in college, so this year I tried out for TCNJ’s Lyric Theater and am now playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, which is probably one of the wildest things I’ll ever experience. I’m really honored to be involved and so happy with the groups I was a part of on campus!


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

  • I feel like I enjoy doing pretty much everything. I’m really easy going and I love keeping busy. I really love cooking, reading, writing, watching the Bachelorette… that kind of stuff!

What media have you been obsessed with recently (movies, shows, books, music, etc.)?

  • Good question. I just read one of the greatest books I’ve ever dived into, it was called “What is Not Yours is Not Yours,” by Helen Oyeyemi. Super challenging and I was mostly confused, but it was amazingly written. I love reality TV and was really into “Below Deck” and “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer. Though I’ve been listening to mostly “Superstar” at this point, I dove really hard back into Walk the Moon, who’s one of my favorite bands and have been listening to them nonstop!  

How has being a part of Her Campus impacted your growth as a student and individual?

  • Absolutely. I was so unsure of what career I wanted to pursue until I got involved in Her Campus. Here I was able to gain experience not only with writing and editing, but with management, leadership, social media, marketing, and so much more. Her Campus is an amazing community of empowered women and I am thankful to be a part of it.

As you’re preparing to graduate this winter, what are some of the fondest memories of your college experience?

  • That’s so sad, don’t remind me! My Trebs gave me some of the most amazing memories of performances and late-night Applebee's trips, and I'm thankful for my best friends, who all recently graduated, for giving me a floor to sleep on during stressful finals nights and amazing NYC and Princeton trips. Though I'll miss living at TCNJ, I am so excited for my future and what is meant to come next for me.